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Ten Percent

It's been a bombastic last few weeks. The week after my last post I had quite the gain, going up to 437.6, it was a week of few calories but high sodium which of course meant all the weight was water. That of course didn't stop me from being utterly depressed by the new high numbers. Later last week, now at the tail-end of the year, I finally met with a nutritionist, her name is Mary. She's quite nice, she seemed unusually impressed with my weightloss this year,which she did a calculation and I've lost a total of 10% of my overall body weight. She mapped out a plan for me and she wants me to follow it, I'll go more into details of that in a future post, but it involves eating 2,000 calories a day minimum, and I simply can't think of the last time I gave myself so much room. The plan is to meet with her monthly.

This week I weigh 434.8, seems I've lost almost all the water weight.