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The End Of The Hiatus

I suppose it may have looked like the blog was in limbo judging by my last post, afterall, I did say I was considering closing it down, and for awhile I actually was. Then I decided not to pull a Josh, and have my blogged ripped from the interwebs, certainly not without a goodbye. I did have a lot anxiety about entering the new year, and gaining that holiday weight didn't help matters. My therapist convinced me not to weigh in again until January 18th, because I dealt so poorly with  (and perhaps irrationally) Xmas weight and I still had New Years, and a Birthday to come. Reluctantly I agreed.

Initially I wasn't planning on taking the month of January off from blogging, but my new years started off awful. Literally new years day an even transpired involving a nephew of mine and it challenged everything in me, it is still challenging everything in me now. I knew I needed to stay away from the blog for two reasons one being because I wanted to vent about the situation, but I sim…