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Losecember Weight-in Week 4

Crash and burn

I gained 3.4 pounds. Last week I weighted 427.8, this week 430.4. Going back into the 30s is quite the devestating blow. Last week I did decide to go to the Christmas dinner after my mom stopped just short of begging me to go. It wasn't a complete nightmare, but as usual I felt out of place. I've always had the alien family feeling. I watch as everyone else interact, how they relate, were there humors align, where there general chemistry is. I just have not ever felt like I belonged there, when my brothers are there, they fit in perfectly however. The only moment that truly got my anxiety going was when of the two uncles asked my mom while we were we the dinner table, the same dinner table that I was at and only a few seats away, If I had attended my other grandmothers funereal, and mother started to answer and I finished for her and said "no I didn't go." He literally asked the question just like this "did Brandon go to his grandmas funeral&q…