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Calories-In 7/18/15

3,450 is my calorie limit, let's tally up today's numbers, shall we?
Breakfast  Lunch Dinner Dessert 
1,345 is how the numbers added up today. That's how many calories I took in. I'm totally ready for some chips and dip! If I weren't so paranoid with the weigh-in Monday, I might actually indulge a bit tomorrow. Chips are still in consumption exile until I've reached... Redemption Cove

Pop Goes The Mattress

Im feeling oddly drained this morning/afternoon. I think my weekend goal.... (Yes I'm making a weekend goal for some reason)is to declutter my room, it's just so many little things out of place and in the way. It will take a measly 20 minutes to do this task, it's frustrating that I can't seem to just do it, it's actually given me very slight-slight anxiety. So by Monday it needs to be done! It is the weekend that means I survived a week of no chips, there were was one time when I really just wanted  to grab a little insignificant nibble of sour cream and onion chips, I even reached into the bag, but before coming up with anything. I closed the bag after considering several things. One I'd still have to calculate the amount I was eating, two I'd having to face the fact that  I'd be breaking the only consistent goals I'd been passing all week, and three I'd have to explain myself on the blog. It wasn't easy but for the week I overcame the urg…

Calories-In 7/17/15

I can eat a maximum of of 3,450 calories, here is what I ate today.

Breakfast  Lunch Dinner Dessert
And there you have it, I took in a grand total of 1,455 calories. I'm taking a technicality on the vegetables today and counting the fries as today's veggies ( I know, I know). I was planning on finishing the night with some green beans at some point after dinner and desert, but I was much too full, and decided the days food consumption was to be done.

Better Luck Next Week

Nothing went as planned (that wasn't related to food), so yesterday was sort of a bust I didn't get anything done. I'm in a weird little rut it seems and its stumping my productivity almost completely.  I think I'm dealing now with maybe different symptoms of my depression than before and maybe that's why I can't seem to start things? Or do things I'm interested in. I don't seem to have much drive, or motivation lately. Or I could just be in a unrelated slump I don't know!

Yesterday was my youngest nephews birthday, he is officially 3, we will be having a small party for him next weekend , I usual go and take pictures that turn out pretty good, his mom joked that she should start paying me. I'm not really feeling up to it this year however, both taking the pictures, and going to the party. So its up in the air whether I'll be attending or not.

Plans today, honestly I don't know.I can't seem to follow any none food based plans this wee…

Calories-In 7/16/15

I can eat a maximum of 3,450 calories, here is what I ate today.
Breakfast Lunch Snack Dinner And that's, that. I took in a total of 1,852 calories.

Yesterday the younger nephews dropped by for a couple hours to visit, and that was fun, the younger one is all about the singing and  dancing  Fresh Beat Band now and his older brother is all about Dinosaurs... Still. He wanted me to trade iPads with his mother cause hers was older and wasn't compatible with the new Jurassic World Game (which he pleaded for me to download as he was leaving a few days ago to see if it would work) , then he out right wanted me to give him mine, then he wanted me to buy him a new one, then he wants me to play the game when is not here and get him to level 27 (face-palm), kids.

I didn't get much of anything  done yesterday. I did go to therapy, and that went well, no more week long gaps inbetween either so that's good. Did good with my food goals, but everything  else fell flat. Today I plan to declutter my room, read my book, attend my course, do my miles, make a few phone calls, take care of things basically. That's the plan anyways. I h…

Calories-In 7/15/15

I can consume a total of 3,450 calories, here's what I ate today

Breakfast  Dinner Dessert
And that is that, I took in a grand total of 1,508 calories. Even with inclusions of desserts and Graham crackers my sugar intakes have been below the goals set by Myfitnesspal, so fear not, if maybe it's making anyone nervous. It's the sodium that's been slightly over, but far better all week than the past weeks. Small servings of things with high sodium I'm going to have to phase out or calculate to fit in without going over, like the salsa, one serving was a mere 11 calories! 11 calories but 273mg of sodium. I'm considering even throwing the rest out. That, when combined with the tortilla chips makes it almost certain that I'll go over sodium goal. Today I had it with crackers which were salted, but had less sodium overall than the salsa. I find that to be a little frightening. One could easily get wrapped up in the low calories and over indulge, staying in a safe …

Things are going well so far this week, I seen my doctor today. She doesn't think I need to get any heart tests done, and that it's safe for me to go on whatever that medication is my psychiatrist wants me to go on for my ADHD, which is great news so I guess we will see if anything will come of that when I see her again in a month. My main doctor wants to see me again in a few weeks about the knee, it's too early to call if maybe I'll need an MRI (I'm certain I do), also my blood pressure was perfect.

Therapy resumes tomorrow after yet another week hiatus, I wouldn't be surprised to be informed that I'm in for another week off after tomorrow's session, blërg!

I haven't done my exercises for the week which is is frustrating, I've actually been having a real hard time focusing, and getting starting doing things. What is unfortunate is that now have wasted two days, I have forced myself into having to use the last three days of the week to do the e…

Calories-In 7/14/15

I can eat a maximum of 3,450 calories, here is today's intake.




And there you have it 1,422 calories is the grand total for the day.

Calories-In 07/13/15

I can take in a maximum of 3,450 calories. Here is everything I ate today.
Breakfast Lunch

And that's that. 1,449 calories is the grand total.

The Weigh-in: Yo-Yoing Mentally & Physically

Where did I not go wrong I suppose? Let's get right to it. Last week I weighed 469 pounds, this week, 470. I gained a blasted pound, I staying below calories all week but somehow gained (if I were to start looking at sodium again, which I've been turning two blind eyes to. I might be able to ID the culprit). I'm back in the freaking 70s, this is devastating, this is humiliating, this irritating. Now I'm mad at myself, I got too carefree and have been for some time now. It's high time I become reacquainted with my priorities! No chips this week, none! More vegetables, and fruits, more exercise.

Goals for the week:

- Do Leslie Sansone 4mile Indoor Challenge 3 times out of the week!

- Veggies every single day

- Full week chip exclusion

Last week was just bad all the way around. Now this week I have to make a long voyage to Redemption Cove.

None weight related goals

- Read my book very night this week

- Do my new courses assignments everyday

- De-clutter my room.

- Dra…