Calories-In 7/15/15

I can consume a total of 3,450 calories, here's what I ate today

60 grams Honey-Nut Cheerios,  2 cinnamon graham crackers and 8 oz of vanilla soy milk
466 calories

10 crackers, 36 grams of chunky mild salsa, and 2 oz grilled chicken breast strips
210 calories 
9 baked butterfly shrimp, 2.3 oz bake beans, and 3.6 oz of green beans
382 calories 
78 grams (one slice) 7-up lime cake, and 2 Reese's Chocolate Chip Cookies (so I indulged a bit?)
450 calories 

And that is that, I took in a grand total of 1,508 calories. Even with inclusions of desserts and Graham crackers my sugar intakes have been below the goals set by Myfitnesspal, so fear not, if maybe it's making anyone nervous. It's the sodium that's been slightly over, but far better all week than the past weeks. Small servings of things with high sodium I'm going to have to phase out or calculate to fit in without going over, like the salsa, one serving was a mere 11 calories! 11 calories but 273mg of sodium. I'm considering even throwing the rest out. That, when combined with the tortilla chips makes it almost certain that I'll go over sodium goal. Today I had it with crackers which were salted, but had less sodium overall than the salsa. I find that to be a little frightening. One could easily get wrapped up in the low calories and over indulge, staying in a safe calorie range and a crazy sodium range.


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