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Monthly Weigh-in, Feb 1st

That time has finally come, an entire month has pasted. Last month was pretty good in terms of diet and exercise, my eating maintained a rather consistent balance the likes of which I'm not sure I've stayed so steady to since maybe 2015, exercise was also at a best. I can't say I went in to this weigh-in wanting to see any numbers in terms of lbs lost, but I knew I wanted to break out of the 350s, so let's see. Last month I weighed in at 351.6, and this month I weigh 342.8. I finally broke out of the 350s! I'm down 8.8 lbs, I'm on the right track.

This is a great way to start the month by breaking free of the infinity zone that was the 350s. This months is to push a little harder. Maintain that balance with eating that I did almost everyday in January and no downscaling with the exercising, every weekday should be a 5 mile day and I'm actually looking for something new to do on the weekends, otherwise business as usual. Take it to another level and continue…

White Noise In My Mind

I didn't exactly make good on my plans of posting more last week, I've been around but I've lost my  spark for writing at the moment. Usual changing the color scheme of the blog helps motivate me somehow, like shedding of skin. I've been experiencing some mild depression lately, and it was directly triggered by a doctors appointment I had earlier in the week, I haven't quite been right since. I believe it was Tuesday I had my appointment and I seen someone I had not seen since 2011 starring at, that's the only reason I even noticed them, they were an old friend of of my buddy Nick, but I never associated with them. The issue I have is I don't want to been seen by people who I haven't  seen in many years, before I've reached my goal weight, regardless of how irrelevant they are (and this guy was quite). I kind of went into some distorted thinking  again about my weight, because he was kind of scanning me or at least that's how it seemed to me.