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Visual Aid

Some of my homework for therapy for last week was to draw a thermometer, with broken down smaller goals for my weight loss leading up to my final goal. My therapist wanted 10 pound intervals but in the end I decided on numbers that would actually matter to me, so they very quite a bit. I'm satisfied. I'm not quite sure this will serve the purpose the therapist is wanting, but I'm keeping an open mind. I'll fill it in as I progress. 
That's a lot of empty space... (Re-frame) That's a lot of work ahead.

Oi Vey

Increasing to two miles yesterday was a bit of a challenge, but one I completed. I forgot about all of the extra  hand, leg, and arm movements that are added in the second mile, my watch  said I burned a staggering 502 calories! I was certainly feeling every bit of it, when Leslie announced we were at the cool down portion, a single tear fell from my left my eye in relief (I kid!).

Here is something random, mid-November I got into listening to NPR (National Public Radio), I listen to it everyday now, there is just some stories featured that have me really feeling like my horizons have been broadend, or that I have been cultured just a little bit. Then there is the news and I really feel informed about things not just here but all around the world, and it's increasing my interest in politics, too. I often listen to The BBC World Service now as well. I started listening to these while browsing radio stations on iTunes on my iPad, at the very bottom below all the music related stuff …

Losecember Week 1 Weigh-In

After a week of adding healthy regular routines back to my rotation in my life, time came to find out if any of that paid off. Last week I weighed an even 436.0 pounds, this week, 433.0. I lost an even 3 pounds. That's a nice start to Losecember, just what I wanted to see, decreasing numbers.
Happy dance

A look Back, And Ahead

It's a solid week goes as far my diet and exercise is concerned. It was nice getting back to having routines. The daily exercising, logging, and even three meals added a nice balance of ritual to my days again. Starting out doing the 15 minute one mile was a great starter, I'm glad I didn't get overly ambitious. I noticed the calories I burned changed everyday, it dropped everyday. I'm sure there are are number of factors for this. No workouts on the weekend.

Eating the three meals, all week, was a nice addition as well, I believe I only reached 2,000 calories one time, however, still, this is progress. And I have really been enjoying the vegetables with my meals, as well as the grapes I often have for lunch and snakes.

Thursday I found time to read several chapters from my Dean Koontz book The Darkest Evening The Year, which I had not picked up in months. My goodness are things getting crazier, and crazier. Here I thought this was gonna be your classic horror novel ab…