Visual Aid

Some of my homework for therapy for last week was to draw a thermometer, with broken down smaller goals for my weight loss leading up to my final goal. My therapist wanted 10 pound intervals but in the end I decided on numbers that would actually matter to me, so they very quite a bit. I'm satisfied. I'm not quite sure this will serve the purpose the therapist is wanting, but I'm keeping an open mind. I'll fill it in as I progress. 

That's a lot of empty space... (Re-frame) That's a lot of work ahead.


  1. I love the graphic!! (you have mad skills). Would it be too obnoxious to suggest you re-draw it, using your starting weight at the bottom, and spacing your goal numbers out more evenly? I think the new image would better represent the hard work and results you've put in so far. What do you think?


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