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Small Medial Meniscus Tears

Someone from my doctors office called to inform me about the MRI this morning. As the title says, there are small medial meniscus tears and mild osteoarthritis in my right knee, they have obviously refereed me to an  orthopedist. I had a feeling I was in for less than stellar news involving the knee. I guess the next  thing is to do is make an appointment with an orthopedist and see what the next step is, though Im positive it's surgery, which it's a no-go, I can't slow down now.
In better news yesterday I also went to see my nutrionist, that went pretty well, I went down another level on the BMI index and got  20$ another gift card to Walmart, I think the last time this happened was January, or feburary, but it was pretty cool. I'll probably use this to buy some sunglasses (the kind that clip on or fit over my current glasses) or a dumbbell of some kind.

Aside from making a trip to Wally World (Walmart) no real plans this weekend. I think I'm just going to read, …


[Thursday] Today was a much calmer day. I decided to stay at Nick and Melissa's an extra day. I went for my walk at the park much later than usual, in the afternoon we also took Belle. Melissa walked with me for a bit but Belle just wasn't used to it so she eventually went to sit in the car. I had not eaten since breakfast and my body just didn't respond well, and also my legs were just a wee bit sore from Wednesday, so I should have eaten lunch, but it escaped me. I struggled getting through it, but did in fact get through. I did notice how much more sore my legs were though, I'm not sure if I'll go Friday, I may just do indoor miles, or take take it easy.


[Wednesday] I had my walk again in the morning, I took my camera, but my anxiety was high before I even arrived there,  once I was there I just wasn't in the mood to take pictures. There were track team runners along the walk toward the end which triggered more anxiety and issues with my body dysmorphia, but I won't go into that.

I had therapy, and that went well but had a lot of catching up todo. I felt rather exhausted after the session though. It was my friend Melissa's birthday so I decided to spend the day with her and Nick. It was supposed to be a mellow occasion, but it quickly proved otherwise. I rode with Melissa to get impromptu cupcakes, things had been tense, she was already upset because Nick had worked later than he was supposed to and when he arrived home he was in the car for 10 minutes on the phone with work, and when he finally came in he was still on the phone with work and didn't acknowledge her, and remained talking on the phone for X amount of ti…

The Agenda

This morning I had my usual breakfast of cereal, and toaster pastries I am switching to Oats soon, and likely ditching the toaster pastries altogether  even though they are 400 calories (total), empty calories, but calories nonetheless. Anyways the day has begun. At 9am I embarked on my walk at the park, the weather was actually perfect, though there were more people walking the track than I expected,  had my tunes so I couldn't be bothered. I brought my point-n-shoot camera so took a few photos aswell.

It was actually a nice relaxing walk, I made a really good playlist on iTunes the other day so I have to pat myself on the back for that, I noticed at one point that I had just started walking to the rhythm of certain songs, I guess Subconciously, normally I just pick up the pace, but I don't actually walk to the rhythm, I don't know how to explain it. I had to stop for a moment and look around and make sure no one seen me, surely I looked like a fool, luckily no one was in…

Phase 2

Its Monday typically that means weigh-in but I've decided not to weigh-in on account of how the last half week went, I'm sure I lost, I may not have I don't know. Eating less than a thousand calories for four days has me thinking I'd probably have some nice numbers, numbers that might be so nice that the following week they might go up just to stabilize, or could be too hard to replicate which seems rational, but I don't ever take these things rationally. So I'm just going to avoid the crisis.

I had the MRI for my knee done this morning, that was an interesting experience. In a couple days Ill know what the situation is exactly. Right before I left I found out exactly when my appointment with the nephrologist will be... August 25th. If you are taken a back by how far away that is well, let's just say you're not the only one. I was told if a sooner opening becomes available I would be contacted, but that was very little consolation, I've been doing …

Welp, That's All Folks

It was quite the long haul, but the week of Dogsitting has officially concluded. They got me a smokey mountain bucket hat as a souvenir, but the greatest gift of all was relinquishing me of all things concerning the dog. They filled me in on all things their vacation, it sounded wonderful. Then they got to hear about the misadventures of Brandon and Belle, it was nice catching up, we soon decided to get lunch.

After a week of chicken, and the past four days of eating less than a thousand calories I wanted actual red meat and I didn't mind if it was fast food. We decided on Sonic, I got a double bacon cheeseburger and a large fries, and I gave them my drink. I also ate one of Melissa's mozzarella sticks. It typically takes me awhile to get through my food nowadays I think I naturally eat slower, but also take into account I could only eat on one side of my mouth. It still seemed to take particularly long getting through that burger, but then again, I'm not used to burgers …