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#FaceToFace Friday


Today I finally broke out of the 340's bracket and into the 30's. I weigh 339.0, I'm right at the edge, but its nice to finally see that second digit be a 3, hopefully I can keep going in this direction. Seems the changes I've made to my eating routine and the increase in workouts via variety in cardio and starting focusing on legs in weight training (hitting the leg press, leg curl, and leg extension machines) after cardio is paying off.

Eating and water have been great lately, I've found its getting easier and easier to drink my morning 44oz of water. Hitting my water intake goal hasn't been an issue at all so far.

vvvv A not terrible picture of me vvvv Every now and then a selfie comes along that actually isn't horrible, LOL. Hope everyone is having a good day #weightlossjourney #weightlossmotivation #gettinghealthy #healthandfitness #healthychoices #weightloss #fitness #determination #instahealth #insta #me #restingneutralface #neckcomethru A post sha…