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"I Can See It In Your Face"

Today I seen my nutritionist, would have been a pretty routine visit, but my nutrionist, Mary, said something that changed it completely. After I got off the scale she said "Wow yeah, you've been doing something. I see it in your face"

My mind was blown, no  I can't see it myself but someone actually said it completely unsolicited, in real life and my face of all places. It was only weeks ago that I cut my beard and sideburns down so that my face would stop creating the illusion of fake definition, and appear its natural true round not-defined self. Yet here comes this complement. It felt very nice, actually, I must say.

In other news yesterday I seen my main doctor and we've decided to try going  down on one of my blood pressure medicines, she's not quite ready to take me off anything just yet even though my blood pressure has been perfect or near perfect the last several times I've been there. The decrease  goes into effect next week.

Day 2 of the dumb…


Therapy out the way, we touched down on a lot of subjects today. I felt pretty good afterwords which is pretty rare, even when nothing heavy is discussed I tend to feel emotionally drained and drift towards to the sad spectrum of things for the rest of the day. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is what the the type of group therapy my psychiatrist is wanting me todo, I discussed it more with my therapist and even agreed to maybe go next week. It would be weekly on Tuesdays, my therapist won't actually have any involvement with the group itself.

What to make of this is the question. Before heading to therapy my mom said "you look good today, your hair looks nice." I just looked over at her with a confused, suspicious look for a while. My mom taking slight offense to this then said "you're welcome." Which honestly, I was going to say but  I was so wrapped up in how random that was, and why it happened, that I had not got to saying the thank you yet. I actually s…


Nothing particularly interesting to mention. I started logging my food in Myfitnesspal again today, going to try to start using it regularly again. I tend to log into MyfitnessPal daily, but skip tracking food. I'm feeling a little mentally strained today. I had lunch with my friends Nick and Mike at BD's Mongolian Grill, I did very well keeping my meal in the 500 calorie range, by sticking to white meats, veggies and avoiding sauces, my friends easily tripled this number however, but oh well.

I created this today... Just something to do

The Weigh-in 08/08/2016

It wasn't a great week, I worked out once, overall morale was low. Eating wasn't terrible, could have used some more vegetables to be honest. Last week I weighed 376.6, this week I weigh 373.0. I lost 3.6lbs. The goal for the week is to do my dumbbell workout at least 3 times, keep my mind busy, read a little, draw a little, I keep hearing about some show called Stranger Things my friend Carlos says it's really good, I probably won't break into any new shows until I break into the ones I'm behind in, however. I see my nutrionist Friday.

Short and sweet today.

Pieces Of 2013

2013 was really the last year that I played along with everything. I wore my everything is fine mask regularly, hung out with my friends more often even though I questioned why, sometimes even hanging out gave me anxiety. I was still using facebook making sure never to show a photo from the neck down. 2013 the everything is okay here, year. Lets take a brief look back shall we?


I think its pretty easy to say that this didn't work out (the first was written, I think with Penultimate app for iPad), very solid outline though. Yes, I used to drink Gatorade like water. Its crazy, I cant remember the last time Ive had one. The plan probably never went active sadly it was probably a Ill start it Monday-thing, or after this, or after that kind of thing. surprising though, its one of the more rational plans. In fact, I had started doing that in 2015 I would have succeeded in the 1st year goal. More interesting is I planed it to go on for 2 years.

I remember taking this picture I  was…