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Weigh-in: Seeking Redemption Cove

So here we are, it's Monday. Time to weigh-in, after a week of overindulging on calorie packed bakery cookies and skipping on exercising and not to mention Saturday in its entirety, I have come into this weigh-in with realistic sense of dread. Last week I weighted 357.6. This week I weigh 354.4. So that actually turns out to be a loss of 3.2lbs. So how did this happen? Well I honestly didn't eat dinner for the last four days, so that probably plays a slight role. Like I said a in previous post I've been in an odd place mentally, and I've taken some steps back depression wise. I decided to skip dinner since Thursday part of it was because I was trying to compensate for the damage I'd already done throughout the week, and another part was just the depression making it too easy for me not to have any appetite.

The plan for the week is still to reach Redemption Cove, I'm quite uncertain if this is possible to be honest. I'm quite unmotivated and still mentally …

All Hallows Eve, Eve

Halloween is just a day away, the true candy spreading will commence. This doesn't mean too much to me actually. Unless I'm asked to take one of my nephews trick-or-treating last minute which would be quite the anxiety inducing nightmare, but I would do it nonetheless.  A new week is about to begin and so a weigh-in will be had as well, it's not going to be a great weigh-in, and I'm hoping I use this as added force to move in the right direction

I went to see my dad again yesterday, it was a bit of a shorter visit this time, but it was alright, someone else was there when I arrived, which made me a bit reserved, all in all it was a good visit and he seems to be doing pretty well still. I was able to the allow myself to watch the second episode of  Stranger Things over the weekend, that was a breakthrough, I'm not sure when I'll get around to the rest, hopefully soon. Tomorrow is Halloween maybe I'll watch a few then.

Friday I attempted to redeem myself afte…