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The Week & The Weekend

I think it's safe it to say that last week was pretty successful. I had goals and I stuck to them the best I could. I did a grand total of 15 miles last week, a new record (January eat your heart out!) It felt great being so active last week and truly reminded of my January glory days. I hung out with friends and ate in moderation.

Yesterday after my appointment I was surprised to discover my nephew had arrived. Mom is making him a chess cake (details here: link) for his straight A's, it's very rich, so rich that you have to cut it into small squares and its to die for. I'm  jealous, but will avoid indulging in it. The plans for the weekend is to hang out with my nephew, this means intense matches playing Super Smash Bros. on the Wii U, and having a movie marathon. I don't workout on weekends but I may go walking today, it looks beautiful. I'm allowing myself to eat my full calories this weekend (3,610), at least that's what I'm telling myself right no…

Day Five

Today I struggled with my miles again, my knees weren't able to give me 100%, and I was feeling kind of out of it, it seemed like the time between miles multiplied as I went on, but I was able to complete all four. Honestly I considered quitting at the  2nd mile, but I wanted that peak number of 14 miles done for the week, so I marched on and got it done!

Today I got blood work done so I was fasting this morning, I didn't eat until noon. I had two tablespoons of spinach dip, I didn't again till dinner, we had taco salad made with ground chicken and low fat, fat free, low sodium (it was still kind of up there though) ingredients. It was delicious. I was satisfied but got hungry later, but I'm just below my sodium in take for the day, and the things I want would take me over, so that's it for the night. I consumed 1,399 calories for the day, and burned over 500 calories working out.

Exercise verdict: Great

Food verdict: great

Boot Camp Day Five verdict: fantastic


Boot Camp Week Day Five

The final day of boot camp week is upon us. Today the exercise goal is to complete the four mile challenge, which would give me a new miles per week peak. The food goal is simple once again, and the consistent goal of the week. Stay below 1,800 calories.

I got news yesterday that my oldest nephew might be coming down for the weekend. That's pretty awesome news. His spring break starts today, but he'll only be here the weekend(versus the entire break previously), butit wasn't set in stone so I'm not expecting anything.  He has been getting all A's in school this semester so far so I'm really proud of him. Today I'm getting blood work done, and will likely schedule that follow up appointment.

Day Four

Today did not fair quite as well as the other days. I'd say day three was better by a lot. I attempted to do the bed sheet exercise, but gave up less than 2 minutes in, the jumping jacks portion is just too much for me, I literally did 3 jumping jacks in total then I had to abandon ship. So to compensate I decided I'd do the 4 mile challenge again, but I struggled with it from the start, I only got two miles in before every bit of energy in me was gone, not to mention my knees were starting to stiffin up, they've had a lot of activity this week, I noticed my right knee stiffing up last night mildly, and it's still mild, but now both knees are a little stiff, I think the jumping jacks was something I  should have thought through a bit more.
Food side of things aren't much of an improvement. I ate a bit more today, but not everything was ideal. For breakfast I snacked on some cheddar rice crisps (I was still at my friends at the time and this was the healthiest opti…

Boot Camp Week Day Four

Yesterday was interesting. When I went out to eat with my friend  he invited another one of his friends, this normally would have caused me severe anxiety, but it didn't. I was actually pretty social throughout as well, and had a good time. During the ride to, I got lost in thought abit just thinking about how I don't feel the extreme anxiety I would have before. In the past I would likely have been silent the entire trip, but this time was completely different. I was not consumed with dread, and negative thoughts. I actually ate in the restaurant and I wasn't concerned. I enjoyed myself, it was great.

Yesterday's walk with my friend was great too, we talked about a range of topics but weight being the key. I think I've convinced him to jump on board with changing his lifestyle, it's perfect timing really, his girlfriend, my friend, just got diagnosed as pre-diabetic, so healthier lifestyles have to be in the works. Getting them both on board would be a great …

Day Three

Well today I walked the track at the park with my buddy, which was a lot funner than when I went alone last week. I only did one lap.
Today I was supposed to avoid temptation, and semi-failed. I didn't get into of those treats I posted, but I did have fast food, I had Chic-Fil-A. I fasted all day until I ate, I had a deluxe chicken sandwich and large fries. I took my water bottle and skipped beverages. The meals calories totaled just over 1,100 calories, with this mornings vitamins my day's total calorie in take is 1,210. I burned 589 calories. I now am certain I burn more calories during my in door mile routines but there isn't an adequate way to calculate it so for now it will appear as though I burn the same amount of calories doing 1.4 miles out doors, as I do doing 4 miles of in door multi muscle walking.
Exercise verdict: Good
Food verdict: Id like some feedback, I stayed below my calorie goal, but I had fast food, the ultimate temptation so I failed right? Tell me …

Boot Camp Week Day Three

I'll be at my buddies for the day, no in door miles, instead I'll be doing out door miles at the park. I've decided not to make the "I'm at my friends, I can't exercise" excuse that I used during the Super Bowl week. I refuse to do my in door miles in front of (with the exception of my nephews just yesterday) anyone. The weather is fantastic so it's really the perfect day for an out door walk.. So today's goal is to walk the track at the park, I'm go to attempt twice!

Today's food goal is a little different, of course staying below 1,800 calories is a given, but the real goal lies in avoiding temptation foods. Here's a glimpse of some of the forbidden delights I must avoid.

I've had those lemon Oreos before, and they are delicious! And I love pizza rolls! Ugh!   But I will resist any urges to indulge in these treats!
Boot Camp Week just got interesting!

Day Two

Day two of boot camp week went well. I once again did the 4 mile challenge to completion. It was interesting, my nephews insisted on being in the room with me as I did it, and one even joined me  several times throughout, it was adorable! I didn't do any of my dumbell workout.

Today I again had some weight watchers cereal for breakfast, and fasted until dinner, then I again had Stirr fry minus the brown rice. I consumed 937 calories, and burned 589, leaving me with... 3,262.

A buddy of mine came over today and I decided to chill over at his house. That's why there was no dumbell workout, but I brought my Stirr fry. I did have some anxiety earlier but nevermind that

Exercise verdict: Great (I've done 8 in door miles in two days! I'm not making any projections for tomorrow yet, but this week could end up being my most miles ever (my peak was 13 in January)).

Food verdict: Good I think. (But I know those numbers well not sit too well for some of you)

Boot Camp Day Two ve…

Fitness Boot Camp Week: Day Two

Today's fitness goal is to once again tackle the 4 mile challenge like yesterday. And to do 10 minutes of arm curls with the dumbbells.

Today's food goals are simple, stay below 1,800 calories and no chips!

I'll be watching two of my nephews for a while today as well.

I often think I'm as matured as I'll ever be, often thinking I'm extremely mature compared to a lot of people my age, but yesterday kind of opened my eyes. A year and a half ago I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, and decided upon myself that it was wrong, and for a year and a half I carried on like I never had been delivered that news. That wasn't mature at all, as far as maturity goes I thought I had grown to the highest point, that there wasn't anymore room for growth, because I didn't need it. Now I see I still have some growing to do. I would not have allowed a friend or family member to disregard a diagnosis like that, so it was pretty hypocritical of me.

It saddens me a g…

Day One

How did the first day of Boot Camp Week go? It went great actually, today's goal was to do 2 in-door miles and 15 minutes of dumbells (arm curls). I attempted to do the 4 mile super challenge, and.... Succeeded! It's a 60 minute workout with a lot more variation as it goes on, the last time I attempted to do this I ended up only doing 2. This is a major victory I wasn't sure if I'd get through it, but I did!  I only did 7 minutes of the dumbbell workout, but I hope to improve as time goes on

Today for breakfast I had a bowl of cereal, Weight Watchers Oat Clusters (no more beloved Apple a Jacks). For lunch I had a single turkey meatball with a serving of chips (13). For dinner I had Chicken Stirr Fry, that was delicious. Today I consumed 1,737 calories, and burned 589 calories exercising, leaving 2,462 remaining.

Exercise Verdict: Fantastic
Food Verdict: Fantastic
Boot Camp Day One Verdict: Success

Weigh In: The Good, and The Bad

Today's weigh in went well. Last week I weighed 522 pounds, this week I weigh 519 pounds. Not too shabby, I'm glad I didn't go up, but I kind of wish the numbers were a little more substantial. But we are still heading in the right direction. This is a victory.

Today my doctors appointment had good and bad results. The good, the last time I was there, in 2013 I weighed 563 pounds, I estimate between that original visit and early August of 2014 I gained about 20-30 more pounds. So I was near 600 pounds right before I started cutting back last year. It hasn't really sunken in just yet, but that means I've been doing pretty good so far.

The bad news is my blood pressure was, like when I visited in 2013, high, and like then, they prescribed me blood pressure medicine which I never took because I figured it was an isolated incident relating to a bad cavity I had worked on. Anyways, I was re-diagnosed with high blood pressure, which makes no sense! At the hospital my vi…

Fitness Boot Camp Week: Day One

Yesterday meals looked a lot like the day before. For breakfast I had a bowl of Apple Jacks, I fasted till dinner, then had a turkey meatball sandwich with chips (I ate less of both though). I topped it off with a serving of butter cookies. I consumed 2,077 calories in total, sparing 1,533.

I have my doctors appointment in just a few hours. Then when I return I'll weigh in. I'm more anxious about the weigh in than the appointment. Today is the start of boot camp week. Today's boot camp requirement is to do at least 2 in door miles (Im going to attempt the Walk Away The Pounds Express 4 Mile Super Challenge) and 15 minutes with my Dumbbells. This weeks consumption goal is to stay below 1,800 calories (a day). Stay tuned

Boring Weekend Nears Its End

Yesterday was rather boring, I watched movies, most of them not very good ones. I ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast and fasted till dinner (I think the fasting will be a regular now). For dinner I had some rather bland barbecue turkey meatballs, my experience with turkey meat is either it's good, or its bad, there is no in between. Anywho, I downed those with chips which is where the bulk of the days calories came from. I consumed 2,185 calories in total. Going in to this next week Id like to stay below 1800 calories, or even 1,500.

Im curious about tomorrow's weigh in, wondering if it will go well. I'm concerned about maybe gaining weight somehow. It's way too soon to see the numbers go up. My goal is still to be out of the 500s by mid April, actually, let's just say by May. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow morning that should be interesting, just standard stuff this time.

I'm planning workout boot camp for the coming, in -door miles every day unless I g…