Day Three

Well today I walked the track at the park with my buddy, which was a lot funner than when I went alone last week. I only did one lap.

Today I was supposed to avoid temptation, and semi-failed. I didn't get into of those treats I posted, but I did have fast food, I had Chic-Fil-A. I fasted all day until I ate, I had a deluxe chicken sandwich and large fries. I took my water bottle and skipped beverages. The meals calories totaled just over 1,100 calories, with this mornings vitamins my day's total calorie in take is 1,210. I burned 589 calories. I now am certain I burn more calories during my in door mile routines but there isn't an adequate way to calculate it so for now it will appear as though I burn the same amount of calories doing 1.4 miles out doors, as I do doing 4 miles of in door multi muscle walking.

Exercise verdict: Good

Food verdict: Id like some feedback, I stayed below my calorie goal, but I had fast food, the ultimate temptation so I failed right? Tell me what you all think.

Boot Camp Day Three verdict: Okay?


  1. Eating doesn't have to be black or white, success or failure. Maybe some middle road there? I think it's great you stayed within your calories because that's not easy to do eating fast food. The biggest problem is how little food you get for the calories and the sodium they cram in there to make it taste yummy.

    I have high bp and have to stay under 1500 mg's of sodium a day so I can't really eat at fast food places but I do think there are good choices at a lot of them now. Maybe next time just something grilled with a healthier side. It would leave you with more calories for later in the day as well in case you felt hungry again.

    Awesome job on drinking water!

    Someone told me there's a guy who's lost hundred's of pounds eating nothing but Chik Fil A! Not sure if it's true but it reminded me of the Subway guy.

    1. Chic-fil-a honestly was probably a very good choice, there food isn't as loaded as a lot of places, of course I could have done better and got the grilled chicken sandwich but I decided to live foolishly on the wild side. As for the person eating nothing but chic fil a, I don't know, honestly I thought my meal was going to reach nearly 2k in calories and was quite surprised, so it's hard to say, I guess if they did what did and fasted before they ate every day it could work out otherwise it just seems kind of crazy. The sodium level in my food was actually very good I was surprised, I was well below my daily sodium in take which I believe is 2,300mg.

  2. We don't have chik fil a here so I have no idea how good/bad that is. But I am not keen on the one-meal-a-day idea, or two as you are doing a lot of days. You are doing a lot of fasting. Even the IF (intermittent fasting) people only do that a couple of days a week. I think three meals a day is better most of the time, and a few more calories spent on fruit and vegetables! I'm not that keen on vegetables but fruit is delicious. I just had a pear for dessert after dinner and it was yummy.

    1. One meal a day certainly isn't ideal, but I figured I needed to save up my calories, I knew I wasn't going to go overboard, but it's fast food and the calories normally add up quick, but the meal filled me up, I drank plenty of water to boot. I didn't get hungry again until midnight and honestly had I been home Ilikely wouldn't have noticed at all as I tend to get to bed around 11 these days

  3. I have to agree with Natalie about the long periods between meals, AKA fasting. You need frequent intake to keep your metabolism firing, even if it's fruit and a TB of PB, or nuts and a cheese stick, etc. You're body will protect it's storage of fat, if it feels like it's getting nothing else.
    Eating out once in a while is okay. If you made it a grilled chicken sandwich, even keeping the fries, it would be just as satisfying and much healthier :) Keep it up, you are doing great!

  4. I really wish I had gone with the grilled chicken honestly, though I probably would not have generated over a thousand calories for the day, I still likely would not have eaten anything after.


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