Day Two

Day two of boot camp week went well. I once again did the 4 mile challenge to completion. It was interesting, my nephews insisted on being in the room with me as I did it, and one even joined me  several times throughout, it was adorable! I didn't do any of my dumbell workout.

Today I again had some weight watchers cereal for breakfast, and fasted until dinner, then I again had Stirr fry minus the brown rice. I consumed 937 calories, and burned 589, leaving me with... 3,262.

A buddy of mine came over today and I decided to chill over at his house. That's why there was no dumbell workout, but I brought my Stirr fry. I did have some anxiety earlier but nevermind that

Exercise verdict: Great (I've done 8 in door miles in two days! I'm not making any projections for tomorrow yet, but this week could end up being my most miles ever (my peak was 13 in January)).

Food verdict: Good I think. (But I know those numbers well not sit too well for some of you)

Boot Camp Day Two verdict: Success


  1. I've never seen WW cereal, didn't even know they made any.

    Your nephew must have been cute as a button working out with Uncle Brandon. I remember when mine were small and cute like that.

    I'm not good at figuring the math but did you end up with the 937 or the 3262? You sure burn a lot of calories!

    Did you know when we post our comments and check the verification box we get a cute little dancing robot? Enjoy it every time

    1. I ended with a total of 937.

      lol no I didn't know that, that sounds awesome! :D


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