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Things are going steady as far as exercise goes I increased the in-door miles Monday and Tuesday to two as planned, the increase wasn't difficult actually.  I might attempt the 3 miles next, however that one is immediately more intense than what Ive been doing, so we will see, and besides a week is a long ways away.

Therapy today, I anticipate this wont go well after the talk I had with my mom, I finally let her in on things, she perhaps think I need to go back to the Behavioral Health Pavilion, there were talks about having me forcibly taken there I'm not even sure if that's a thing, it gave me anxiety nonetheless. I was able to defuse the issue by reminding her that I had therapy tomorrow (today).

Eating has been good.

Frowny Face

Well, this is always baffling to me, and I've noticed this every time I've added physical activity to my routine this year. The week before, weight loss tends to be better. This is no exception. The past week I have done my indoor multi-muscle workout every single day, evening during the weekend (last year I would break during the weekends, so I've never worked out so many days consecutively). Last week I weighted 396.4 pounds, this week, 396.4. Nothing changed! Maintaining is a lack of progress and after a week of adding in exercise I'm more than disappointed. My eating was good. A bit more red meat than usual, and I indulged a bit more on chips than I normally would, but I can't believe these would be a factor in this, I should have lost!

Before I go completely crazy and allow myself to get completely lost in the dark haze over this I'm going to re-frame this a bit. Maybe just may-be I've built up some muscle over the week, and maybe  the sodium from the …