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Time To Do What I Do Best: Lose

Well I'm up from my down, mentally anyways, I'm ready to take the month by storm and get back to doing what I do best, losing weight.

This month I'm plotting a return to the gym, getting things situated with my bank and checking account and getting back to it (wasn't until writing this that I thought it was  odd that I wasn't even slightly bit nervous at the prospects of going back after such a long hiatus, then I asked myself if I should be, and now I slightly am). I'm no longer going to buy food I know will be harmful for my goals, like those cookies. I plan to be active even when I go over to my friends, Ill take a dog for a walk or something I'm also going to start taking my food scale and stop eating fast food when I'm over there also, or if I do make it something sensible, if guilt comes into the equations I shouldn't have it. No slacking on my water, I did that plenty of times last month.Watch more movies because that's been fun. Get back…

March 2017 Weigh-in: +2

Ive gained weight, an even 2lbs. I weighed in a 344.8 up from 342.8.  I'll never adjust to a gain,  I immediately went right back to bed and began the process of psychological torment that I typically  do in these cases, beating myself down, thinking about how I'm now down an entire month of progress, then to the regret  and soon I started to wonder if I had been noticing those 2lbs somewhere, maybe in my face, maybe in my gut, or arms, maybe something wasn't fitting right. Literally every time I gain any amount of weight I get convinced (a lot of the time before the result) that I can see or feel the gain somewhere.

The bad thing about my weigh-ins before was that they could set the mood for an entire week, well this year now that Ive switched to monthly they can set the mood for an entire month, I have to wait an entire month to rectify the situation and this dark cloud will be hovering over me the entire time. I feel like every time I gain weight I have to mourn someth…


Well I'm slightly more prepared for tomorrows weigh-in than I was yesterday, I certainly took a lot of short cuts this month eating-wise and took way too many breaks from exercising. This next month I'm really going back to basics, back to cutting things out I know I shouldn't have around. This is really whats hindering me. I don't know what to expect, I don't know if Ill be out of the 340s, or if Ill possibly gain, I just don't know. Tomorrow we see.

I Watched Some Picture Films

I always like when people refer to movies as "picture films." I actually watched some movies over the weekend several days in a row. I even watched one this morning called The Loft, yesterday I watched The Account with Ben Affleck (so good). Its been really nice getting caught up in movie worlds for a little bit of time again, especially the horror ones, I really love a good spooky film. I watched one called From The Dark that was really good and I actually have a few to watch tonight so that should be scary fun.I got some Canadian bacon because I was told this was better for me than regular bacon because its considered lean or whatever, I also got some peanut butter 2 that I'm planning on making on an Instagram story video thing maybe today, its basically this powdery peanut butter you add water to that turns into normal peanut butter that has less fat and calories than regular peanut butter, so if you're following me on Instagram be looking out for that.How am I do…