I Watched Some Picture Films

I always like when people refer to movies as "picture films." I actually watched some movies over the weekend several days in a row. I even watched one this morning called The Loft, yesterday I watched The Account with Ben Affleck (so good). Its been really nice getting caught up in movie worlds for a little bit of time again, especially the horror ones, I really love a good spooky film. I watched one called From The Dark that was really good and I actually have a few to watch tonight so that should be scary fun.

I got some Canadian bacon because I was told this was better for me than regular bacon because its considered lean or whatever, I also got some peanut butter 2 that I'm planning on making on an Instagram story video thing maybe today, its basically this powdery peanut butter you add water to that turns into normal peanut butter that has less fat and calories than regular peanut butter, so if you're following me on Instagram be looking out for that.

How am I doing with accepting my image and body? I'm doing better but not great. So the pictures from the last post I keep looking at those now and on one end I go l do look kinda small, and then I go I don't look small at all, then when I look at the face shots I go my face looks really slim and small, and then I go it doesn't look slim at all. There is this store with this security cameras with this old tiny display monitor with a completed gross aspect ratio that just makes you look so much bigger than you are, every time I'm in that store I make it a point to look at it though as I'm leaving cause I just want to see, but I always regret looking at that thing. If a regular camera adds 5 pounds this thing adds 40, and 30 inches. I always question whats the truth still because I'm crazy that way. I always leave that store feeling defeated.

I just realized that there is a weigh-in coming up in a few days and this unexpected because I was looking at my calendar in some kind of alien-vision last week that added an entire extra week that's not actually there!


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