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Another FaceToFace Friday

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The photo on the right was taken quite a long time ago, during my peak recluse phase. 2007 area, I rarely left the house at all and gained an enormous amount of weight. Still, this wasn't peak weight territory.

First And Last

It's the first day of the month, it's also the last month of the year. I've  rebounded slightly in mood. Ive yo-yo'd in feelings about next year. My oldest brother is suppose to come down and visit for a week around Christmas, I have mixed feelings about that. I just keep feeling like I should have lost more weight, my other brother didn't make a comment on my weight  until recently (and it was in the form of  a question).

Well the goal is to make this month the most active month of the year, I already mentioned the challenge my therapist gave that I started, that had me doing 1-3 indoor miles a day for two weeks. I opted to do the three miles, which made it the longest set of days in a row I've ever done the 3 mile workout. Needless to say my endurance for the workout has grown quite a bit.


In early to mid November I had a sudden explosive acne outbreak of my chin. My face looked more disgusting than usual. I had to go see my dermatologist who told me to s…

This Is New

Collarbone definition, and slight, slight, shoulder definition.

These areas had no definition at all before, they were just submerged underneath fat. I've trying to gauge whether this was a big deal, but I find myself casually grabbing at the my collarbone and neck.


This makes week 10. My therapist set-up something rather proactive for me recently, a challenge to try to get me motivated or at the very least more active since I've just been sinking lower and lower. So she came up with a two week challenge. I need to do my indoor mile workout, every weekday and make sure I drink my water. Last week was only the first week, this will be the second. I did do the challenge working out 5 consecutive days of 3 indoor miles.

That wasn't enough to stop me from gaining though, I went from 356.6 to 357.2, a 0.4 gain. My eating wasn't bad, I had some pumpkin pie from time to time, I had chicken all week, though there were various frustrating non-thanksgiving related temptation foods in abundance, that while I may have dipped my toes in, I didn't over do it, still they were an issue. This makes the tenth week out of  year the that I did not lose weight. 10!


A few days ago I had to go to the ER at my mothers persistent insistence because s…

A Year Like This Passes So Strangely

So many ups and downs, I came in to the year on rather poor circumstances, I didn't have great hopes for the year leading up to it from last year, this year has been a shape-shifter. There has been some highs and quite so many lows, there has been some personal growth, and weight loss. I wasn't as successfully as the year before in terms of total numbers lost over the same span of time. A lot happened this year, my brothers were released from  incarceration (which had been something I had anxiety about since early last year), they have actually been the right path and working hard.

I came out of the closet. I've been checking in on my father. My friends Nick and Melissa just found out they're pregnant! This year  has passed in a rapid-slow way. It's passed by in an extremely fast way in general too, but on the weight loss perspective it seems things seem longer, (whenever you gain weight, or maintain). If I think of all the weeks I gained or maintained  this year a…

The Journal


The  Quiet

The familiar sound of no one else being around, just me and my many thoughts to circle around, the would've, could've, should'ves , then the daydreams where it seems I'm living some other life

I'm thin, I'm smiling, I'm wearing cloths and shoes that suit my personality. There are new friends in my life who I seem very comfortable being myself around. Anxiety seems to be a thing of the past. I'm funny and entertaining. Life is so incredibly different because of making it to the goal weight.

These are pretty powerful daydreams I have on occasions, they tear me apart sometimes. You just don't want to return from something like that. There was a lot of quiet in between things this year.

They Don't Get Me
The other day I found myself explaining something to a friend realizing halfway through that I wasn't being listened to, they where hearing things come out of my mouth, but they were so disengage from whatever I was saying tha…

The Numbers