This makes week 10. My therapist set-up something rather proactive for me recently, a challenge to try to get me motivated or at the very least more active since I've just been sinking lower and lower. So she came up with a two week challenge. I need to do my indoor mile workout, every weekday and make sure I drink my water. Last week was only the first week, this will be the second. I did do the challenge working out 5 consecutive days of 3 indoor miles.

That wasn't enough to stop me from gaining though, I went from 356.6 to 357.2, a 0.4 gain. My eating wasn't bad, I had some pumpkin pie from time to time, I had chicken all week, though there were various frustrating non-thanksgiving related temptation foods in abundance, that while I may have dipped my toes in, I didn't over do it, still they were an issue. This makes the tenth week out of  year the that I did not lose weight. 10!


A few days ago I had to go to the ER at my mothers persistent insistence because some rather awful chest pains and vomiting that went on for hours one morning after waking up. After running blood work, chest X-rays, and EKG they determined I had GERD, also known as acid reflux. I was prescribed something that I must take for 15 days and be re-evaluate with my doctor after.

Non-Gap Metobolic Acidosis

So that last time I seen my nephrologist I failed to mention here that he diagnosed me with this, and subsequently prescribed me a new medication to take twice a day.  Originally I didn't think it was a big deal, afterall, CKD was being thrown around after all. It wasn't until doing research that I got confused and a little concerned. There's another more serious type of acidosis, which is just called Ketoacidosis. One is relating to diabetes, one is related to amm whole lot of technical stuff like neutrons leaving the body because of... what? I'm still not still sure. Obviously the diabetes one isn't the one I have, but I the one I have may have been caused by a medication my psychiatrist prescribed a year ago. Well I finally got in to see her. Her and my  nephrologist have been corresponding and for now I'm going to remain on the medication.

In other news my psychiatrist notes that I've takes giant leaps back since our last visit and that I'm back in the realm of heavy distorted-thinking. Though she thinks I should speak up more for myself. My mom recently asked if I felt like she was sabotaging me, I said no, but actully felt much differently. My therapist believes I should have taken the opportunity to voice my concerns,  and suggests I still do it now because she clearly knows she's doing things to derail me, and probably would have derailed anyone else by now, but because I just keep sucking it up letting it happen, it keeps happening.


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