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Bold Experience Is Progress

Wednesday  I decided to be a bit bold and walk home from therapy. I decided it would be a good reason to take some photos of some sights. Unfortunately it was an ugly cold day, not at all ideal for photo-taking but I decided I would go through with it. (See pictures here )

It turns out the walk was further than I anticipated, and it was colder than I anticipated, the experience started out mildly enjoyable but quickly turned into something less than. I'm glad I did it though, it helped me gauge some things. I still felt pretty self-conscious about myself taking pictures in high traffic areas, nearly every shot that I got could have been better if I had not been so paranoid about looking weird, or more importantly,  attracting attention to myself. Still one of the shots was literally right in front of a busy roadway and I wouldn't have even considered stopping and taking pictures there a year or two ago.

Thursday I seen my nephrologist and that went pretty good things have impr…

I Took A Walk


Super Bowl Chow Down

Yesterday was the Super Bowl and once again my friend hosted a party with lots of foods that I typically steer clear of. I made it a point to tell myself that it was okay so to eat freely so long as I didn't binge eat or deliberately over eat, and to return back to my usual routines the following day and hit the exercise a little extra hard. I did indulge yesterday I ate more than usual  and didn't beat myself up for it because I felt like this wasn't going to be like last year when I gained 10lbs because I was inconsistent over that entire week, and I wasn't very active, things are different now. I've got a much better scope on things and one day isn't going to wreck everything.

I had a very good time, the game was super duper boring, and the commercials were a bit of a let down, though there were s handful that were some standout. I had a good time joking around with friends, asking ridiculous questions of the amazon echo, getting attacked by dogs etc. I real…