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All The Levels Of Crap I Feel

I can not begin to explain to you how much I feel like garbage, I had another so so nights sleep, but woke up at 6AM, again with a freaking headache! I don't remember how long I was up, but I eventually fell back to sleep. Ive been informed my cold my actually last a week, which is devastating news. Ive always been that lucky guy to be sick a couple days. Its like boom, one day sick, second day sick, third day things are back to normal, so this just seems so drawn out and I'm not happy. I seemed to be doing a bit better yesterday too, my congestion seems to have peaked today. My nose feels so rough to the touch, its crazy! I'm suppose to do 3 miles today, but I really just don't freaking feel like it, like honestly. I struggled with 2 yesterday, and I just want to do nothing and be sick today, like ffs. I'm going to try to walk something today though, I cant make any promises. Stay tuned.

DayQuil Saves The Day

To combat my cold I had been using Mucinex for the past few days with subtle to no effect. Today I opted for DayQuil and its certainly doing a better job, I can breath a bit better, the only thing it didn't seem to remedy was my headache which has been persistent all day. That being said I was able to do two miles today, it was still a bit of a struggle, but I got it done, and I'm thankful.

Carrying On With A Cold

Seems like I'm surviving this cold I caught. Last night I had a bumpy nights sleep. Called myself going to bed early, but woke up at 3AM, only to be up for another three hours. Once I finally got back to sleep I woke up with a killer headache, which is now subsiding a bit. I'm hoping I'm getting my energy and momentum back because I know the 2 miles isn't going to be particularly easy. I'm still stuff nosed, watery eyed  and with sore throat so its not going to be a piece of cake.

Something Is Better Than Nothing.

I put one foot in front of the other today and started walking, every bone in my body seemed to be aching beforehand, and I seemed to be in a dazed, spaced-out state of mind prior. This cold has really taken it out of me, and I know I'm not eating enough because it feels like anytime I stand up a small breeze could send me flying into a wall. In spite of all that I managed to walk, however I only had energy for a single mile. It was rough, painful even, but I know my body couldn't handle anymore. Tomorrow Ive decided I will do two miles, and then three again Saturday. Since the week has been such a struggle there is no way I can increase my miles Monday to 4, so I will do another week of 3. Stay tuned, and I hope everyone out there in diet and weight loss land are  having success!

Down With The Sickness

Well yesterday I opted not to do my 3 mile walk, I just simply was not feeling it, Ive also unfortunately come down with what is either a cold or the first stages of the flu and its left me weak, tired and stuffy nosed. In top of that I had another horrible nights sleep, however I do plan on making Wednesdays walk up Saturday and will do at least a 2 miles today. This cold could not have come at a worse time, this has been such a disappointing week, and I'm truly upset with myself.

Losing Weight Can Be Boring

Yesterday I struggled getting through my 3 miles, a little less than the day before, but the day overall was kind of meh. I had a little bit of macaroni salad for lunch and Subway for dinner. I ended up staying the night over at a buddies, where I got a measly two hours of sleep, watching the Food Networks programming until infomercials came on. Now I'm thinking to myself "how the hell am I going to do 3 miles?" I'm wide awake, but I'm still tired, I'm drained and I haven't gotten back my energy high from last week and its so frustrating. Its too early to already be facing these issues. I guess some good news is, it appears that I have visually lost weight, I see it a little in my face, and my stomach seems ever-so-slightly smaller, and I fit into my buddies car a bit more comfortably so I know what Ive been doing has been working!

Unfortunately I tip too far on the scales and cant get a reading so I don't know my actual numbers, and for right now I&#…

The Obese, And The Valuation Of Our Lives

I read a blog post recently from someone chronicling their weight loss, and in the post I remember this little line "I remember waking up everyday hoping it isn't wasn't my last." I hear, or read stories like these from the overweight a lot, and as someone who is overweight I've never shared that fear. I guess the honest truth is I've never really feared death, I mean sure we all did at some point as kids, but I cant recall a time since I've been aware that I'm overweight that I feared Id die over it, I acknowledged it, but didn't fear it. That's because Ive never lived a fulfilling life, Ive always looked around myself, or watched on TV, movies, the hallways of schools, my peers, and always said "Id rather have that, or that's what I want." I've never woken up one day worried if it would be my last, Ive woken up hoping my life would suddenly be different, I'd suddenly be someone else, that's what I wanted. The fear o…

Thinking Of A Thin Me

I've been thinking, fantasizing really, about what my life will look like once I'm thin. The idea of walking into any old store and being able to buy cloths gives me butterflies of excitement. The idea of going to the movies or to a restaurant with my friends and not having to worry about sitting arrangements, or wondering is this booth too small, am I too much into the isle, or  just not having to worry if people are staring at me, judging me, these ideas are wonderful. Thinking of the future me, the thinner me, and being able to do the things I want, being more confidant, being able to blend in, its all exciting. Id be lying though if I said I didn't wish I could get to that point a lot sooner.

The year has only just begun and I'm doing all the right things, but I know I have so much time and effort ahead of me. When I was in high school I use to want to look like singer Usher. Being big in high school was rough, but that's a story for another post. I am so deter…

3 Miles And All Smiles

The week has begun and that means an increase to my exercise routine. Previously I mentioned I was doing Leslie Sansone's in-door walking routines, I started initially with a single mile, then two, and now I'm doing 3. Honestly, this one was a lot more intense than I anticipated, had me sweating and huffing in no time. Its a 46 minute set and halfway through I was begging for it to be over, but I didn't quit and charged ahead and until I completed it.

I cant recall a time in recent memory Ive been so proud of myself! That being said, its clear to me that 3 miles a day for the week is going to be tough, and its going to take a lot more endurance and determination than previous weeks. But I'm committed to this new healthy active lifestyle and wont slow down now.

Here is the video I'm doing for the week

The Youtube Adventure I Called It

In 2006 I took a very progressive initiative and decided I was going to use YouTube as a platform to chronicle my journey with diet and weight loss. YouTube was still getting its bearings, and hadn't yet become a mainstream entity. At the time there weren't many people video-blogging their weight journey, but there were a few and I was one. It was ambitious, if not a little naive, back then I had some rather foolish ideas in my head. It started off strong and then fizzled. I lost my passion in dieting and exercising, and for video-blogging too. My first video got over 2000 views and literally hundreds of comments, mostly support, people that I would eventually let down. By 2007 my weight loss videos were spotty at best, and finally I gave up. But a few years later, I tried again, and the same thing happened. I simply wasn't as committed as I needed to be.

Its 2015 and I decided that I'm going to do a weekly video update for YouTube, using my old account theBIG…

Sunday Fun Day

Its the last day of the weekend, and I'm just about ready for the new week to begin. Ive enjoyed my downtime, I'm ready to get the ball rolling. Watched a lot of video blogs about weight loss and Im feeling more determined than ever. Seeing transformations of successful weight loss in the Facebook group I joyed gives me so much more passion to achieve success. I have laundry to do today, some reading, and binge watching the Twilight Zone.