The Youtube Adventure I Called It

In 2006 I took a very progressive initiative and decided I was going to use YouTube as a platform to chronicle my journey with diet and weight loss. YouTube was still getting its bearings, and hadn't yet become a mainstream entity. At the time there weren't many people video-blogging their weight journey, but there were a few and I was one. It was ambitious, if not a little naive, back then I had some rather foolish ideas in my head. It started off strong and then fizzled. I lost my passion in dieting and exercising, and for video-blogging too. My first video got over 2000 views and literally hundreds of comments, mostly support, people that I would eventually let down. By 2007 my weight loss videos were spotty at best, and finally I gave up. But a few years later, I tried again, and the same thing happened. I simply wasn't as committed as I needed to be.

Its 2015 and I decided that I'm going to do a weekly video update for YouTube, using my old account theBIGGESTloser (you can see how young YouTube was that I was able to get that name). After a four year hiatus, I have a made a short and sweet video for the YouTube audience I hope to re-establish.


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