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The Weigh-in: A Trivial Loss

Today my friend Melissa had her operation for thyroad cancer at 7:30am. She's been a pretty strong trooper about the whole process, thus so have I. They removed the all masses and she's on the road to recovery, she's doing fine. I never had that delayed anxiety attack I was expecting. In fact, my week over all was one of the better, more stable mental health weeks I've had in a while. I think a had maybe one particular day that stood out as rough, trying to deal with these body image issues. It's on going, thin almost seems like an entirely different species of human to me.

Am I progressing? That's what I've been nervous to ask myself, it feels like I've been fighting the same fight over and over this year. Though lately, the battles feel like altered, mutated, stronger versions of their past selves. I know I haven't taken to everything my therapist has recommended I do. I guess the truth is I haven't tried hard enough to change my thinking, an…