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Eliptical, New Book

Last night at the gym I really challenged myself. I first took on the Stairmaster for 9 minutes 15 floors, then I got brave and decided to try out the elliptical. I gave it 7 minutes of my time and then  I hit the treadmill for 30 minutes. I'm a big fan of the elliptical now and I'm considering swamping out the treadmill completely for it, I was getting such a good sweat out of it, and its not as challenging as the Stairamaster, which I thought would be the harder of the two. At the end of that night my legs felt like mush though.

I put some books on my Kindle (the real thing not the app) and started reading a Steven king book called Just After Sunset, its basically a bunch of short stories with that Steven King style of eeriness.  the first short story was a bit more light hearted than I expected from Steven King. The next story Ill start tomorrow is called The Gingerbread Girl, I find reading on my Kindle to be much more practical, and feels more authentic than trying to rea…

The Struggle Is Real

Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition. Its not great, chips, and junk keep making their way into my mouth. The other day at therapy my therapist said I looked great, its possible I'm losing fat and gaining muscle despite the flop in nutrition. Today I went over calories for the first time in a very long time over by just over 100, it wont do any real damage realistically but its just another thing to pile on mind. I'm still in the 340s. 345 As of right now, I think my next change up will be trying to drink 44oz of water in the morning and then another 64oz + throughout the day  Ill have Breakfast at 10:30am, lunch at 2:30, and finally dinner at 7 or 8.


Oatmeal + 2 rice cakes w/ peanut butter + perhaps a boiled egg


Almonds and dried berries, string cheese, salad,  peanut butter crackers or tuna and crackers


Chicken/fish or beef, mixed veggies

Photos Upon Photos

Over the weekend I had a bit of an adventure with my buddy who I go to the gym with. We went to an out of town park to shoot some photography. The park had lakes and trails and a lighthouse and  all kinds of things, sadly a lot of stuff wasn't currently open to the public. We spent 4 hours walking the trails and taking pictures. It was only at the end when my energy finally depleted, we got lost and had to backtrack and not only that but we ended up taking an even longer way back, logged in some 6k steps.

It was a popular park and there were lots of people walking around, my anxiety was under control up until the end, then it just felt like I was shoulder to shoulder with someone every breath, but it wasn't nearly that close and they weren't nearly that frequent, but my social meter was exhausted. Still it was a nice trip got some nice shots and truly surprised myself. Even my friend praised me, he even referenced the old me, saying this is something the old you would neve…