Eliptical, New Book

Last night at the gym I really challenged myself. I first took on the Stairmaster for 9 minutes 15 floors, then I got brave and decided to try out the elliptical. I gave it 7 minutes of my time and then  I hit the treadmill for 30 minutes. I'm a big fan of the elliptical now and I'm considering swamping out the treadmill completely for it, I was getting such a good sweat out of it, and its not as challenging as the Stairamaster, which I thought would be the harder of the two. At the end of that night my legs felt like mush though.

I put some books on my Kindle (the real thing not the app) and started reading a Steven king book called Just After Sunset, its basically a bunch of short stories with that Steven King style of eeriness.  the first short story was a bit more light hearted than I expected from Steven King. The next story Ill start tomorrow is called The Gingerbread Girl, I find reading on my Kindle to be much more practical, and feels more authentic than trying to read a book on my iPad.

Today my new eating regimen went pretty well, I actually went over my calories for a second day in a row, but its not because I was snacking, its because I decided to have two ground chuck burgers at dinner instead of one. I'm realizing just how fast calories add up now, and I think I've been underestimating a lot when I haven't tracked thinking that I had a near accurate idea of what I was taking in. I tried out a Greek yogurt for the first time today and decided I liked it, so Ill be doing more of that in the future, it seems to be less harsh on my stomach than regular yogurt which would go through my stomach as fast as a bullet and with the grace of a wrecking ball.

Water consumption was stellar, I took in more than the 108oz goal, the new drinking routine is a success

I wasn't going to show this picture from that recent trail adventure because I think what I typically think when I see myself in a full body shot, but here it is anyway.


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