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The Plan For Next Week

I realize I've been doing moderately well with dropping pounds the last couple weeks, but I'd really like to kick it up a notch. I know the coming weigh in wont be pretty, certainly not in comparison to any of the previous weigh ins. Starting Monday I'm going to go on a extreme low calorie diet, 1,200 or less. This will include lots of vegetables. In addition the animalistic, barbaric cravings for all things hamburger, and chili cheese fries, I've also been craving corn. At least I'll be able to calm that craving without guilt. I'm also planning on walking more next week. I only walked twice last week.


And So On


Was not an ideal day food wise, I again spent the day at my buddies, we had a horror movie marathon. It was fun, though most of the movies were alarmingly bad (horror-movie-logic is the worst). So my friend talked me into getting Taco Bell yesterday, I got two Chicken Chalupas for lunch, they were awful, I think it was the chicken, I'm just so tired of chicken. It would have been better (and a lot more calories) if I had gotten the beef ones instead. Needless to say I wasn't satisfied at all, and was kind of upset that I indulged a bit but played it safe, and it was a flop. For dinner I had that delicious Velvetta salsa dip. Except my friend convinced me to make major compromises for the sake of sodium, so we didn't use my favorite salsa, or chips, we used low sodium salsa, and no sodium tortilla chips. I'd be lying if I said it didn't impact the taste quite a bit, because it did! It was still good, just not as good, but it has a lot less sodium, but stil…

Mad Dream

Yesterday has come and gone it was an interesting day. I went walking with my buddy after therapy and it was deceptively chilly, it was windy, and I struggled honestly. I lost momentum soon after we started, and it was just a chore getting through the whole thing. Afterwards we stopped by his moms house, and I ended up having a nice conversation with her about Mrs Dash, and all the things you can do with cauliflower. It was very nice. My buddy and his girlfriend wanted me to hangout, so I spent the night over there

For breakfast I had a peanut butter and jam sandwich, turkey bacon, and turkey sausage. No lunch. My friends took me out for Chic-fil-a for dinner where I had a deluxe chicken sandwhich and a medium waffle fries. We then stopped by ColdStone for ice cream. I consumed a grand total of 2,903 calories burned X amount walking and took in 3,792 sodium....


Woke up angry from a dream. In this dream there was this muscular jock type guy thrashing me with insulting things abou…

The Journey Continues

I'm really liking my new glasses. They are very much me, I think.


My follow up with my doctor went well, my blood pressure is still high! But it's not too far from where it should be, she added some two-in-one medication that will replace an older one, so I'll be taking the same amount of pills. I'll have to follow up for a forth consecutive week, next week to see if this new combo finally balances me out. The good news is she didn't seem alarmed about anything and was glad progress had been made, and she didn't put me on a low sodium diet!

I skipped breakfast, and had a light lunch of baked chips and cheese sauce. For dinner I had a chicken wrap that included, lettuce, cheese sauce, shredded cheese, lite ranch, and bacon bits. I consumed a grand total of 1,439 calories burned 327 on my walk, my sodium was 3,708, so yes was over quite a bit.


I have therapy this afternoon, then going walking shortly after. I'm supposed to hang out at my budd…

Homework For Therapy

(Ive been putting this off for a week...)

A-Z Write positive characteristic of yourself for each letter in the alphabet.
A. Amusing

B. Bright

C. Careful

D. Deep

E. Earnest

F. Friendly

G. Generous

H. Helpful

I. Intelligent

J. ...

K. Kind

L. Logical

M. Modest (I think?)

N. Natural

O. Outgoing (I'm told)

P. Polite

Q. ...

R. Reliable

S. Sincere

T. Tolerant

U. Understanding

V. Versatile

W. Well-intentioned




I came down from yesterday's high pretty quick. I was happy at first then, I sank into a bit of melancholy that I never quite got over. My new glasses were done and ready for pickup, so I went to get them. On the way to the car I looked in the reflection of the window and asked myself was anything I've done noticeable. I thought nothing else of it until I arrived back home, and then it hit me, I'm still huge, I've still got got hundreds of pounds to go, my opportunities in life are as limit now as they were 60 pounds ago. I notice things, but little things. I see a guy who was almost 600 pounds, but is now almost 500 pounds. It's only when you are this far up, this obese, this high up the scale, that 60-80 pounds can be insignificant.

I've been asking myself, is this the depression talking? Is this that thing I do as a result, where I don't let myself enjoy happy moments? I have been looking forward to crossing over into the 4s for awhile, but yesterday wh…

Weight In: Major Milestone

Today was weigh in, and the results were fantastic! Last week I weighed a grand total of 506.8 pounds, this week *drumroll* I am 495.6 pounds! I'm officially out of the 500s!!!! This feels fantastic, I lost eleven pounds and I feel great. I'll never revisit the 5s again. I can't slow down now, I have to proceed with more caution. My default calorie goal changed as a result of the new weight it's now 3,580, it dropped by 100.

My calorie goal for the week is again to be between 1,200 and 1,500 calories. The plan is to eat a lot more veggies this week. Being in the mid 90s makes me nervous, it's still so close to 500. So this week I'd really like to pull off another nice number, we shall see.

Let's Talk About My 14,000 Sodium Weekend.

You guys already know how I ate Saturday (over 5,000 sodium), but yesterday was a whole different ball game. I started things off with my traditional bowl of cereal, but later added a scrambled egg with cheese, and two pieces of turkey sausage. For lunch I had some chicken tenders with rice crisps with cheese sauce. And for dinner I had some salsa dip made with melted velvetta. So that's it. On paper it doesn't sound too bad right? Well. It was the dip. I had a ton of it my calorie total for the day was 3,175, so I was below the default. However, my grand total of sodium was 9,048!

Ugh. That is simply a reckless number of sodium, and I went into the day knowing that I didn't care where that number landed and that's a problem. There's an issue under the surface I'm trying to hide, and it's this. I think within the next few weeks, my doctor is going to force me on one of those low sodium diets and that's really going to throw a wrench in my progress I be…

Much Better


Went a bit smoother, in terms of that mystery illness. My calorie total was 2,860, but... My sodium was 5,362........... Ugh. Mistakes were made at pretty much every part of the day after breakfast. I simply snacked too much, or rather, to much on the wrong things. I was researching what my mystery illness might be and I came to the conclusion it might be a result of my fasting, and medications. So I decided to eat a bit more frequently, I seemed to gradually feel better as the day went on.

Having my nephew over  was pretty fun, I wasn't forced to binge watch blues clues for hours on end, of course now his new thing  (or rather, semi-reoccurring) is listening to the Yo Gabba Gabba theme song (he won't actually watch the show). I've got the lyrics memorized "Muno! He's tall and friendly." "Fufa! She's pink and happy." "Brobbee! The little green one." "Tuty! She likes to have fun." "Plex! A magic robot" and…