Let's Talk About My 14,000 Sodium Weekend.

You guys already know how I ate Saturday (over 5,000 sodium), but yesterday was a whole different ball game. I started things off with my traditional bowl of cereal, but later added a scrambled egg with cheese, and two pieces of turkey sausage. For lunch I had some chicken tenders with rice crisps with cheese sauce. And for dinner I had some salsa dip made with melted velvetta. So that's it. On paper it doesn't sound too bad right? Well. It was the dip. I had a ton of it my calorie total for the day was 3,175, so I was below the default. However, my grand total of sodium was 9,048!

Ugh. That is simply a reckless number of sodium, and I went into the day knowing that I didn't care where that number landed and that's a problem. There's an issue under the surface I'm trying to hide, and it's this. I think within the next few weeks, my doctor is going to force me on one of those low sodium diets and that's really going to throw a wrench in my progress I believe. That might seem surprising because during the week I watch the sodium so close anyways, but it's different when it's something I've put upon myself, if it becomes a medical thing it changes. The dynamic, I don't know, it's weird, if a doctor had told me a year ago I needed to lose weight, I probably would have gone in the opposite direction. So I think this weekend I was trying to enjoy what I could. I realize how much I love savory foods, even more than sweet, and I over indulged. One final shebang, that's no excuse the amount I took in this weekend was criminal, and I'm disappointed in myself, and you all should be too. Every time I think I'm growing in this journey I seem to display new a fault.


  1. Are you kidding me? I see zero reason to be disappointed in you, or for you to be disappointed in yourself. Look back over your progress these last few weeks. Just look at the differences you have made. How many days would you have gone over a sodium goal in a row? How many days did you eat with abandon and never track a thing? How many times did you say, "screw it!" If you could count that up and then compare it to you now, you'd see the progress and the good you have done.

    Don't beat yourself up here. Please don't. It was one day. One day to counteract the deficit you have put on yourself for weeks (and you know how I feel about your calorie deficit). Be proud that you ate it and enjoyed it and then got right back on track.

    BTW, I love salty stuff, too. So good!

    1. Well thank you very much.

      Salty foods are the best aren't they, why do they have to be so good!

  2. I was put on a low sodium diet years ago, it was called the DASH Diet. Not sure if that's the one drs still recommend but it works really well. It really opened my eyes to how much sodium is in stuff, even in foods I thought were healthy like cottage cheese.

    Hopefully, we'll both be much less likely to have a stroke from high bp, those sound terrifying.

    1. Yeah I've become so aware of sodium, it's just actual follow through now. I can stay below my sodium goal every day if I wanted to, but then that would mean less fun things to munch on (good bye snack chips, even the healthy rice ones, cheese sauce, etc) I think I'm moving in the direction to be able to cut these things, but I'm just not there yet! So for now it's going to be an ongoing tango with sodium.


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