Much Better


Went a bit smoother, in terms of that mystery illness. My calorie total was 2,860, but... My sodium was 5,362........... Ugh. Mistakes were made at pretty much every part of the day after breakfast. I simply snacked too much, or rather, to much on the wrong things. I was researching what my mystery illness might be and I came to the conclusion it might be a result of my fasting, and medications. So I decided to eat a bit more frequently, I seemed to gradually feel better as the day went on.

Having my nephew over  was pretty fun, I wasn't forced to binge watch blues clues for hours on end, of course now his new thing  (or rather, semi-reoccurring) is listening to the Yo Gabba Gabba theme song (he won't actually watch the show). I've got the lyrics memorized "Muno! He's tall and friendly." "Fufa! She's pink and happy." "Brobbee! The little green one." "Tuty! She likes to have fun." "Plex! A magic robot" and yeah, that song is only cute after about three or four repeats, 30, 40 times in, that's when you start questioning your sanity


I feel much better today, dare to say that mystery illness is gone! I'm going to attempt to walk today to make up for Thursday's partial failure. Then possibly out to lunch with my friend I don't know. I wish I could say I was going to watch the sodium today, but, I'm just going to be honest, I'm not. Stay tuned


  1. Ah, little kids. They still have their obsessions when they are older - my daughter collects Littlest Pet Shop animals and my son loves Lego and Minecraft - but at least I don't have the little kids music any more! Or those plastic toys that play the same inane jingle every time they press the button.

    I'm glad that your stomach is feeling better. Maybe small frequent meals is the way to go.


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