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Gym Wazoo

So I mentioned Monday that there was a chance that I might go to the gym, but that I was severely anxious about it. I'm proud to say that after I battling with myself all morning  on whether I'd go or not finally I decided once I realized that the anxiety I was feeling would likely not go away if I did not go, as I would take on new levels of anxiety and regret for not going.

Monday we set off to planet fitness, my anxiety eased abit until I seen the parking lot was quite packed. We found a spot and made our way in. They took our pictures and then we made our way to the main area, straight to the treadmills. I wasn't sure how long I was going to do, but my friend convinced me todo 30mins, which I set to cardio. This is different from my home videos because obviously I can adjust my pace at any time if I want to slow down, or even stop for a moment I can, but now I'm on a treadmill for 30 consecutive minutes, this is new. I did notice however.... There was a weight limi…

The Week, Weight Lost And Anxiety

The last week was interesting. I did by best to make good eating choices overall. I house and puppy-sat for my friends while they went out of town for the weekend and that was a mini adventure. My friends actually made sure I had healthy food alternatives to eat as I made it a point to let them know that I tend to gain weight with every visit, there was still an abundance of junk food in the house, but now there were healthy options, which I stuck to, such as grapes, baked chicken, steamed veggies etc.

My friends brought me back a couple souvenirs from there getaway one being peanut butter fudge, they were worried that I wouldn't eat it, but decided to get it anyways. I had a few bites and decided I'd give the rest to my mom, which I did and in hindsight I regret because only now do I remember her doctors are wanting her blood sugar to come down, and they switched her medicine. Last month after telling my nutrionist how I switched to sugarless cereals like Cheerios, Kix and Co…