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The Weight-In: Reaching Redemption Cove

Ah yes, a hard week indeed, up until Sunday's weakness, I resisted the urge of the chip demon, and feasted upon fruits and veggies throughout the week staying within a pleasing calorie goal everyday. Today I found out if those commitments paid off, all to try to reach Redemption Cove. So here it is, last week I was 470 pounds, this week 464! That's a 6 pound loss, and I have made it successfully to Redemption Cove! That pound I gained at last weigh-in is a thing of the past, I have redeemed myself! I can only imagine what my numbers would have been if I actually had done my exercise goals for the week, I could have maybe doubled my numbers.., ehhh lets not get a head of myself.

Well what's in the agenda for the week? I. Not sure. I might be going to hang with my buddies. Any goals, no! I'll make them as I go, I never did de-clutter my room, so that's today's goal, which might end up being tomorrow's goal... Or not! Who knows? Nephews 3rd birthday party this…

Calories-In 7/19/15

I can have a total 3,450 calories, here is what I ate today

Lunch So that's that, 1,549 calories is my total. I gave in to my dark urge, the almighty chip temptation. That burger would not  have seen complete without them, or so I tell myself.