The Weight-In: Reaching Redemption Cove

Ah yes, a hard week indeed, up until Sunday's weakness, I resisted the urge of the chip demon, and feasted upon fruits and veggies throughout the week staying within a pleasing calorie goal everyday. Today I found out if those commitments paid off, all to try to reach Redemption Cove. So here it is, last week I was 470 pounds, this week 464! That's a 6 pound loss, and I have made it successfully to Redemption Cove! That pound I gained at last weigh-in is a thing of the past, I have redeemed myself! I can only imagine what my numbers would have been if I actually had done my exercise goals for the week, I could have maybe doubled my numbers.., ehhh lets not get a head of myself.

A mild week, had some lows, not being able to do my goals and start tasks had me feeling low off and on, the good news is I felt rather balanced a good part of the week, had some mini spikes of anxiety towards the end of the week, all goals related, and again not starting my tasks but it was a mostly solid week, that ended smoothly. (Side note: mentioned this project to both my psychiatrist and therapist in past weeks and they both applauded me for starting something like this up on my own, and think it's a great idea.)

Well what's in the agenda for the week? I. Not sure. I might be going to hang with my buddies. Any goals, no! I'll make them as I go, I never did de-clutter my room, so that's today's goal, which might end up being tomorrow's goal... Or not! Who knows? Nephews 3rd birthday party this weekend, still undecided if I'll go, though Natalie was right, he would love me to be there. His mother has said before I have cast some kind of spell over him, and that just makes me happy.. I still can't quite understand my own feelings of resistance, but at the moment they are present. Below are some pictures I took from his first two birthdays 

1st Birthday

mom, uncle, grandpa
grandma, grandma, (uncle)me
cousin, mom & grandma, cousins

2nd birthday 

He, his cake, and brother

He and his mother


  1. Way to go on losing again and cutting the chips out on most days. Keep going and reaching for a better happier life.

    1. Thank you, Jeanette! That is the plan, keep reaching for the better, happier life of my dreams.

  2. Those pictures are amazing! I can tell you are extremely artistic! Way to go on the weigh in!

  3. Hey, Brandon-- popped over here to see how you're doing, and noticed there hasn't been an update in awhile. Hoping everything is okay, and missing your updates!

  4. Nice job! :)

  5. You haven't posted for a while Brandon, hope you're ok.

  6. Hey Brandon! Just checking up on you. I hope to see a post from you soon! - Melissa

  7. where you at B?? Hope all is well.


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