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The weigh-in :(

Here we go, starting things off on a bad note. The first weigh in of the month is a gain! Last week I was 444.6 this week 445.0. A .4 gain. So I've enter he most difficult phase of the year on bad terms! I

Guess what, I finally got to see that psychiatrist of mine, she thinks I should lower my goals (no kidding), that I have a all or nothing mentality (I wouldn't necessarily agree), and that this "transformation year" thing was a rather toxic aspiration. Wanting to go from 4XX to 1XX in a year would be impossible (even though the people on Biggest Loser  Extreme Weight Loss do it, but I digress) her argument (similar if not identical with what some of what you and the therapist have said) is to cut my goals into installments so instead of having to be instantly 180 I cut it down into waves. Like 400 would the next big, then 375, 350, 325,b250 etc. I rejected this almost immediately my argument being that I felt like when people (in general) cut their goals they settl…