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Its My Birthday

Today I turn 29, it's the final year of my 20s, that is tough to accept when you have just existed through all the other more socially  glamorous years, only to suddenly feel like you you're just starting to get an idea of how to live at the end, and feel like you lost so many potential experiences. It's weird 30 is knocking at the door now and that's something I'm not trying to think about.

Today was mellow my mood fluctuated, I got calls from my brothers my aunt, seen my grandmother. I actually made my some medical appointments. Had pizza for dinner, nothing fancy, of the frozen variety so I wouldn't feel to intensely about it, but also wanted something fun and hell its my birthday. I'll finish off the night with a movie or two if the newly emerging wisdom tooth doesn't have me popping one of my prescription sleeping pills, yeah on the lower back end there is a wisdom tooth coming in fashionably late, I had been experiencing pain recently and upon in…

I've Been Under Self-Restoration

Here I am the lion-hearted boy taking on 2017. I was thinking once again about my 2016, and I think that year can really be labeled the battle against depression. In 2015 I think I gave in to it a lot more, the psychical activities that I did incorporate into my life truly had a powerful impact, but in 2016 I actually battled the depression hard, I became so much more aware of my condition and how I operate. That didn't exactly translate into smooth sails, it was probably one of the most difficult years for my depression ever.

When I went down I went way down, when I went up I went way up, but I learned and still learned and kept battling even when things got darker and darker. Luckily I was open enough to share my inner despair with my psychiatrist who promptly had me hauled away kicking and screaming, chained, shackled and sedated and sent to a psychiatric unit of a hospital. I suppose there was no kicking and screaming or chains and shackles nor sedation, but the last part is t…


I did the 5 mile fat burning walk yesterday for the first time and it was something else. It indeed starts out faster and just keeps things rotating quite a bit more. It makes the whole thing seem to go by faster but you are sweating fountains. I do like that there isn't really much time to get bored with it because before you know you're doing something different. I was quite literally exhausted by the ended of it and realized this one won't be an every day video yet, but I completed it in my first attempted which I believe is the first I've done that when trying going up in one of these videos.

Today I'm either going back down to the 3, or 4 mile I haven't decided yet, I do 5 again tomorrow.


Everything has returned to normalcy, for the most part. My oldest brother is back in Texas, all the holiday food is gone, I spent a couple days with nick and Melissa but am home now, and feels as though the year begins its official grind. I'm plotting ways to get more active, it's been really cold lately and I don't really want to go walking out in that, as I don't have a sufficient coat, but I am wanting to walk outside  but I'm not wanting to be inconsistent so I'm not wanting the weather to play such a heavy role.

Seems I've got the 4 mile walk down pretty good now which is 60 minutes. I'm thinking of going up to the 5 mile walk, its the last Leslie Sansone workout I have it tops out at just over an hour so it's not too much longer than the 4 mile  but it immediately starts out at a much faster pace. So that's something I'm going to give a try. I cut my beard off the other day, I was feeling like it was distorting my mind a bit, making me…