Its My Birthday

Today I turn 29, it's the final year of my 20s, that is tough to accept when you have just existed through all the other more socially  glamorous years, only to suddenly feel like you you're just starting to get an idea of how to live at the end, and feel like you lost so many potential experiences. It's weird 30 is knocking at the door now and that's something I'm not trying to think about.

Today was mellow my mood fluctuated, I got calls from my brothers my aunt, seen my grandmother. I actually made my some medical appointments. Had pizza for dinner, nothing fancy, of the frozen variety so I wouldn't feel to intensely about it, but also wanted something fun and hell its my birthday. I'll finish off the night with a movie or two if the newly emerging wisdom tooth doesn't have me popping one of my prescription sleeping pills, yeah on the lower back end there is a wisdom tooth coming in fashionably late, I had been experiencing pain recently and upon investigation realize it's a wisdom tooth trying to break free. Warm salt water rinsing does help.

I'm able to do the five mile workout two consecutive days in a row now before going back down. That's all for this update.

A boring birthday selfie of me 


  1. Happy Birthday, Brandon!! That's a great picture of you, your face is getting some real bone structure, it's so noticeable. I'm glad you had a little birthday treat, you seem real sensible about it, like it's a special occasion, and not a "fall off the wagon" thing. Planned and controlled. Keep on keeping are so motivating.

    1. ☺️ Thank you!!! Any noticeable changes with my face makes me very happy. Triple thank you all around lol


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