Whats On The Agenda Today? Drug Test

Well I got the job, I honestly went in with a little more anxiety, I actually was doing great as for as the day was going leading up, until we got into the parking lot, and it all just hit me. I had to throw all my fears in temporary suspension and get the interview over with. I was waiting in layaway for a good while before Sheri appeared, only to inform me she wasn't doing the second interview, and that she would find out who is. She vanished into the back and I sat for what seemed like an eternity with my infinite thoughts going wild. Finally another woman appeared and introduced herself (I cant for the life of me, remember her name...), I followed suit and she started to begin the interview... again right there in the public! She asked me one question and for some reason my nerves would not let me think, there was too much happening behind me, she realized I was distracted and we moved to some weird space in back. It wasn't a room but it was semi-secluded and had a desk, computer and chairs, Ill take it!

 Honestly I cant remember the questions in detail, its as if I just suppressed the memory promptly after answering. She only asked me three questions, each time I answered she informed me that the answer went into such detail that it covered another question, so by the third question she was so impressed that she decided the process was over. She said something like "okay you've done so well answering these that I'm just going to go ahead and promote you to ___" I don't know what she said here, but I just assumed it was going to be fast tracking me to the third and final interview. We walked to some other room and she started talking paper work, the jobs mine pending drug test. Which is a non-issue.

So I don't know how to feel about this, a week ago I found out I needed to get back to work, I applied to dozens of places, many of which I didn't actually want to work, but would, and a week later I have job. On one end, that is a little impressive, but on the other end this is going to really shake up things in my life. Ive already written about my foot issues, and the pain I was in at my last job from standing. I'm. nervous, excited, and horrified all at once. I was honestly hoping I had a lot more time before Id start receiving calls from jobs. I feel like in a blink of an eye my year had an overhaul.

Moving on, last night I could not sleep I woke up around 2am. Starting writing this around 5. Yesterdays eating was good, I had a bowl of some Quaker cereal that was decent, with some sausages on the side, this didn't sit well for my anxiety, but I kept it all down. For lunch I had a 60 calorie pack of baby carrots. I hate carrots, and that was the worst meal  of my life, still, I plan on eating more raw carrots, and various other veggies in the future. For dinner I had a turkey sandwich-and-a-half for dinner with a side of potato ships, I topped it off with one of my moms Sara Lee Coffee Cake snacks for desert. Towards the end of the night had a pack of sliced apples to end the day. For the 3rd night in a row, Ive gone to bed with an almost sickening hunger, Ive been ignoring these hunger pains and will continue. I do wonder sometimes if I am eating enough, but Id rather not be eating enough, than eating too much.

 Report Card (I saw this on frequent feedback pal Natalie's blog Path To Petite, and decided to steal it)

Diet: Solid. I probably could have done without the desert, but oh well. Not enjoying these hunger pains, however (no pain no gain though right? Is that a really bad metaphor for the situation?)
Exercise: Poor. I simply did not.
Water: Excellent.
Sleep: Poor.
Mental health: Fair.


  1. Congrats on the job! It might not be ideal, but if you need to be working then it is wonderful that it happened so fast. The only thing I can suggest about the feet is to get the best shoes you can as soon as possible. I've never had a job that required me to stand all day so I can hardly imagine it. Even walking is better than standing still, it keeps the blood moving around.

    Thanks for the mention of my blog!

    1. Thanks Natalie, the fast paced nature of it all is quite fortunate, but I will certainly need to new shoes. Anything to lighten the load.

      And No problem!

  2. Congratulations on the job!

    As far as food goes, you just need to find what works for you. I do better on bigger lunches and smaller dinners. Carrots for lunch? Eh, maybe. As long as i had something else that I liked to eat, so I could alternate bites ;D

    1. Thanks so much Melissa.

      I prefer smaller lunches bigger dinners, at least I think, but carrots by itself was bru-tal! I found myself just mindlessly chewing, couldn't think about the taste, swallowing down was an ordeal of its own! But I'm going to keep on, If I can train myself to eat raw veggies for snacks and for meals (particularly lunch) regularly, then I think it will benefit my weight loss journey 10 fold!

      Fingers crossed I can keep it up.

  3. Congrats on getting the job! I second the idea to get good shoes, maybe with your first paycheck. You could also buy some of those gel inserts and see if they help. Also, since you weigh less now your feet might hurt less than they did last time.

    I think working might help with the anxiety. When I'm busy at work it's hard to think about the things that make me anxious. Plenty of time to worry after work!

    I know sometimes we have to use up the food we have at home but if you don't like carrots, can you pick another veggie? Choking down food you hate stinks!

    Have a good weekend!


    1. Hey Mollie. When I was working before, I tried several shoe inserts and honestly they only made the issue worse, I think because of my size it counteracts the effect. I was just in more intense pain because I was crushing down onto something. If they had a odd pattern it was worse, I could feel my skin molding into every little groove which just made the inflammation worse. I even tried some As Seen On TV product Id seen advertised in infomercials and it didn't help, so sadly I don't think inserts are for me.

      Your right about the anxiety, while working I was distracted, but really it was just putting things on pause, cause the moment I would clock out, it would all just unleash on me. But the pain made things worse, about a billion times worse, the trauma from the pain just makes everything seem traumatic, but I am hoping my weight loss so far will have made some kind of difference.

      I actually just got the carrots, lol, I had plenty of options but I wanted to give them a go, my other veggie option is celery, which I can stomach a whole lot better.

      Have a good weekend right back at cha!

  4. Hey congrats on the job! YAY! On the hunger, there are two things. The first is getting used to eating at different times (and not eating before bed), the second is making sure whatever the last thing is that you eat has some protein in it. This levels out your blood sugar and takes longer to digest and that means not as hungry! Things like a string cheese, for example. You might give that a shot and see if it helps! Congrats again!

    1. Thanks Kyra, I'm certainly going to give that a shot!


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