Lets Change The Mood A Bit

I know my recent post have been kind of drab, and lacking the enthusiam I had even on my worst days in January. The month has been off to a bit of a fiery start and Ive just been in kind of an emotion rut, Im sure you all are sick of the "boo hoo" and "poor me" nature of recent posts. Thats not all I am, and this is suppose to be about my weight loss journey, but Ive been distracted.  I want to change the mood Ive been setting.

I want to thank everyone who have been tuning into to my blog. In January alone I was shocked at the page views I was getting, and ended the month with just over 200. I wasn't getting too many responses at the time, but just knowing people were reading really brought up my spirits, and still does. This month the numbers have tripled and I'm getting more feedback than ever and I deeply appreciate it, I cannot adequately express my gratitude, but know it all means a lot to me.

Keeping up with the positivity, I know Ive expressed that Ive gone back and forth on if I feel like I'm losing anything or if it shows rather, and that I can normally convince myself nothing is actually happening visually. But Yesterday there was proof, and the oddest thing is, it took me all day to accept it to be true.

In the above picture I'm wearing a checkered shirt that, in 2013, I could not button at all, I was only a few months in to my food cut-back in November 2014, but I could button the shirt almost fully, but as you can see it is struggling around my frame, and looks strained. Then there is the picture from yesterday, again same shirt, the shirt fits comfortably, its a lot more loose in the arms and I have wiggle room. This is undeniable progress that I have been trying to convince myself hasn't been happening, but it has.

Thank you to everyone who have been encouraging me, and reading along on this journey! I'm not going to give up. There are going to be bumps in the road, but we will get past them, and I hope you will stick along for the ride.


  1. That shirt really makes it obvious, doesn't it! Be proud of your progress.

  2. That's amazing; congratulations Brandon! You're doing a good job; keep it up.

    When you feel discouraged, just look at these pictures to see how your efforts have paid off.

    How did the second interview at Walmart go today? Hope it was less stressful!


  3. Hey that picture evidence is fantastic!!!


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