The Ball Keeps Rolling

As I expected, today's workout was a rough one. I kept telling myself every mile that it was the only one I could do, yet I manged to complete them all. I again didn't incorporate the sitting exercises, I just didn't have it in me and my knee had a bit of a moment. During my workout  there is a point where I have to do quadruple knee lifts for each each knee, and somewhere in there when my leg came down I just got a bit of pain shooting through my knee for a split second. I became a little more careful, but incidentally I feel my knee beginning its Wednesday stiffness already. So tomorrow I'm going to break from doing the walking workout, and just do the sitting exercises, Ive been thinking for a few weeks that I need to make some kind of adjustment mid-week that when my body typically hits a halt.

I wish it was already Thursday so that tomorrows interview would already be over, and decided. I do fine in the interviews, I'm able to hide my all my fear, and anxiety. I just hate the build up, the drive to, the waiting in some room, then it begins. My anxiety has died down a bit from earlier though, thanks in part to the marathon of the Simpsons I got going on and a game I started playing. The worst part about anxiety is when you use something to distract you, and out of  nowhere you suddenly get a glimmer of that anxiety. Like you suddenly become conscious of what your trying to avoid thinking about. That's been happening all day, I guess its a small price to pay to be able to separate from the anxiety at all. I know tomorrow will be the worst of it, every hour it will intensify, until the interview has begun and then ended. But I'm trying to keep it together.


  1. I'm sorry you're having anxiety over the interview. I get like this too so you're not alone! Just take some deep breaths and know that you're qualified. That should give you some confidence.

    Good luck tomorrow and let us know how it goes. Pulling for you!


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    1. Mollie, I will certainly give all the details, and thank you, it means a lot!

  3. Oh I hate that feeling too, where you've successfully distracted yourself but then the awareness suddenly comes back... isn't there something I should be stressed about? Oh yes... Actually if I've been under a lot of stress but then it's over, I still sometimes get this feeling! Like I can't get used to not be anxious any more.


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