Interview With A Vampire

Yesterday, was a good day overall, I hit an emotional low point at the end of the night, but my activities throughout the day were good. I did my 3 miles, I was going to incorporate the sitting exercises afterwards, and I tried, but a few minutes in I realized my chair, which as a big cushion, made me sink in and made it impossible for me to move my legs or body right because I was too low to the ground, so I put the breaks on that. I will attempt it with the kitchen chairs today though. I had leftovers for dinner, a delicious chicken, broccoli dish, I had been craving broccoli of all things for about a week so that meal went over well.

I got to sleep late last night... after 2AM, and of course I woke up with back pain, and discomfort. My stomach was hurting quite badly, but I noticed last night I was having serious hunger pains which I ignored. I had a serving size of pretzels for breakfast to kind of settle my stomach, its been uneven all morning and I had to use the bathroom twice, so I don't want to take any chances. I'm hoping I'm not catching that stomach bug that's been running a rampage in the area lately. I can feel its going to be a rough day getting through my three miles, I already want to stay in bed. I was out earlier, but now I'm back in... and I'm quite cold and the heat is on (bad sign!). We shall see how it all plays out at 2PM though.

I got a call earlier from Wal-Mart, they want to interview me for a cashier position tomorrow at 1. I don't really want the position if I'm being honest. Our local Wal-Mart is infamous for the workers poor attitudes, you walk into the place and they all seem miserable. I had a relative who worked there for 8 years, and had nothing but bad things to say about the experience. Of course my biggest fear stems from the pain I know I will be in while standing, coupled with having to become emotionally numb to withstand being looked at like a monster. Before I worked at target I had several interviews there (at wal-mart, I mean), at the time they had this ridiculous American Idol-style judging panel. Three managers set on one side of a table and interviewed me, it was the most imposing interview of my life. I just couldn't help but think it was over the top. They made me endure that 3 times, and still didn't hire me. I didn't want it that bad so I didn't care, and I dont want it now, but I need it.

Ive had anxiety since that call came, and the interview is only a day away, I have no time to mentally prepare, I'm caught so off guard. Its like there is a weight in my stomach and I could puke any second (of course it doesn't help I that I already dont feel quite right).  I'm so nervous about it all. Just wish I could crawl under a rock, or into a crevasse and stay there in the dark forever.


  1. Good job on the three miles; that's great! Try not to be too nervous over the interview, I think you'll do fine.

    Some Walmarts definitely have friendlier workers than others. Hopefully you'll find at least a couple of decent co workers.

    I've always wanted to work for Target but never got called back for an interview. I would never have thought they would have had such an intense interview experience.

    Good luck tomorrow!


    1. Thank you. I just realized i typed something wrong, I was referring to wal-mart's then interview process, Targets was a piece of cake, a very nice lady interviewed me and hired me on the spot. It was very relaxed. Sorry for the confusion.


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