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Since I've been gone

You may have noticed my blog has been rather neglected lately, I just didn't blog in the last several  weeks,  but a lot has happened in that time.

One day I went disc Golfing with some friends for the first time since I was at my peak weight. The first time I went, all the way back in 2013, was a nightmare. I just wasn't physically able to do more than 4 holes, I was exhausted from the small amount I did play, I decided that day I hated the game and would never do it again. It seems I lied. My friends asked me to go to weeks ago on a Monday and I reluctantly agreed.

The experience was ten fold different. We spent several hours on the course hiking through various terrains. I managed to get through all 20 holes, and most importantly I actually had fun. The experience was a night and day difference from the first time I went.

I changed up my eating routine for the umpteent time. It's working out quite nicely so far. It still involves drinking a lot of water, specially in th…