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I'm pretty sure come next weeks weigh-in I'll be in the 450's for yet another week. My biggest enemy now is sodium, and I simply haven't cared enough to cut back. I haven't eaten much this week, but what I've eaten has surely. Even loaded with sodium, and I've once again abandoned myfitnesspal, to be fair last weeks internet outage contributed largely to this, but now that things are back online I haven't bothered to add my food.

I'm still in a bit of a rut I guess. I really need to prepare for the second wave of my weight loss journey. Soon, a second way will come.

Time Is Running Out....

Sigh.... Mom got a call last night letting her know that one of my brothers would be getting out his incarceration in May, that now means both brothers will be home in the first half of 2016. It's interesting because it was originally taught that they might be out this year, but that didn't turn out to be. Then it looked like it could even be a few more years for brother "b" ( the younger of the two, but only slightly). It has been confirmed for awhile that brother "a" (oldest) was to end his homeaway from home vacation in February 2016. The idea of them being home is one I only entertain for moms benefit, I know she'll love having them back, I personally wish my journey could  magically conclude with goal success by then and me be out of the picture before they return. It's clear that isn't going to happen.  Reminds me of my last few years in high school when I wanted to lose weight graduate and go to college, because at that time they were aga…

Internet Outage

Its quite interesting, the Internet went out last Tuesday as I was writing an update for the blog. A week later I'm back online. Just over a week later and everything is back to normal. I didn't initially deal with not having internet the first day very well, but by Thursday I just accepted and decided to wait it out, what other choice did I have? It wasn't the best week mentally. I stayed home and in my room most of the time, getting lost in my own thoughts. Out of boredom I started reading old journal and writing entries I had written last year on my iPad. I couldn't read too deep into the journal ones they remind me to much of last year pre-lifestyle change (Though, Im sure that's the point). What's more interesting is how many short stories I wrote, and began to write but never finished. It's clear that writing a book was something I was inching towards, but I wasn't focused enough to see it through.

In therapy while going over some of these old wr…