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I have to lose this weight, I have to remember what I want. I want the  life I never had. I want to be able to enjoy things, to walk out in front of a crowd and not worry about if my weight is making them stare at me. I want to be able to buy cloths off any rack at virtually any store. I want to be able to fit in the rides at amusement parks, sit in the seats comfortably in movie theaters. I want to rediscover the world from a new perspective, I want so much more.

I have to get my focus back, I have to get my consistency back, I have to! I have to do it for me, for the guy that wrote those blog posts in 2015 at the precipice of complete and total mental implosion. He was so miserable all the time, physically and mentally, yet he kept on, he kept fighting because he had what he told himself was a delusion dream, but a dream nonetheless. That guy was so sad, he was so caged in, he was so hopeless, he would never believe how close we've come. I owe it to him to see this through to …

I Thought It Was Friday

The week has come to a conclusion, and I'm glad to say I've come out this end in a better place then when it started. My plans for the weekend included working out and watching something everyday, eating appropriately and avoid negative situations. That's it, its that simple! Also do my homework for therapy, but that's it.

When I started writing this I was a day ahead, but the reality of things its only Thursday! So upon the actual weekend the above are my plans.

With My Woes

Anxiety, every so often I'll reach a point of heightened anxiety because of a collections of reasons that have been building up. There has been some disappointing news around here lately that really has me questioning humanity. My city has had a shocking rise in heroine usage, which consequently has led to a shocking number of overdoses. I don't know anyone on the drug, but a friend of mine has a younger brother who is an addict. Recently some county councilmen proposed a law that would allow EMS workers to refuse  to respond to overdose calls. Essentially let them die is his suggestion.  All because the drug Narcan is expensive (Narcan is used to treat these overdoes)

I cant begin to grasp the place of mind this individual must be in to so careleslys discard life like that. What's more shocking is some of the response I've seen regarding it. One person on Facebook said they think they should help them (overdoes) the 1st time, and none after that. One of my closer fri…

I Survived

Somehow I did it, I made it through my 48hour fast. It was tough, but by the end I had entered a delirious phase that had me pondering how many addition days could I fast. The answer was 0, 0 more days. When I started this I was up to 337.8, now I'm back down to 328.4. The fast was a success, now I just have to remain in my calorie limit, not binge eat, and work out and I should be on the path of continued loss. Actually if I remain consistent I could be out of the 300's in a matter of weeks.

Take a look at the video below of an old peak-weight me. (notice the box of Little Debbie snack cakes?)

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The Last 24

I managed to get through my first day of fasting, it wasn't too bad until near the end of the day when I just wanted to break into every item of food in the house and country, but drowning myself with water helped curve these cravings. Last night I hit the gym, it was refreshing and made me nice and tired for a good nights sleep when I got home.

Today will be the true test, as I have to really keep my mind busy to not break off of this, I have plenty of water on hand. I've been catching up on the Walking Dead, I'm on season 6, I actually don't want to watch anymore until tomorrow, honestly I just watched too many in a row this morning.

Gym tonight, that's really the only thing on the agenda.