With My Woes

Anxiety, every so often I'll reach a point of heightened anxiety because of a collections of reasons that have been building up. There has been some disappointing news around here lately that really has me questioning humanity. My city has had a shocking rise in heroine usage, which consequently has led to a shocking number of overdoses. I don't know anyone on the drug, but a friend of mine has a younger brother who is an addict. Recently some county councilmen proposed a law that would allow EMS workers to refuse  to respond to overdose calls. Essentially let them die is his suggestion.  All because the drug Narcan is expensive (Narcan is used to treat these overdoes)

I cant begin to grasp the place of mind this individual must be in to so careleslys discard life like that. What's more shocking is some of the response I've seen regarding it. One person on Facebook said they think they should help them (overdoes) the 1st time, and none after that. One of my closer friends said "I think if they're going to use the drugs, they know the risk, suffer the consequences" I never responded to that comment which I heard in real time. It was a lot to take in. I think people have separated the users of these drugs from humanity for their own comfort. Its easier to dismiss a life you if you categorize them as less of a being. More so when you simply read about it, but don't see the person involved.

These people didn't take the drugs intending to die, these people often times started using these drugs to get to a new high not thinking that a single use could turn them into an addict. Addiction completely changes how your brain works, how you think, how you operate. These people don't deserve to die because of this, the idea of just letting them die is unjust.

This is just one of the many things bothering me, I have a friend who is making shock value claims on facebook. I mean he has literally suggested he was going to kill himself, except he was never going to, and never intended to. He made that post for attention, several weeks ago me and another friend went to check up on him when he started posting these things. He ignored us at the door, but then another one of his concerned friends came, he assumed me and our other friend left, so he opened the door for the other guy, the look of shock on his face when he saw me.

He trivialized the entire situation upon questioning, and made the whole thing seem like no big deal. I pieced the puzzle together that he was trying to get a specific persons attention during all this. Its manipulation. So that was that until a few days ago when ominous posts starting popping up again, I message him, he responds literally 8 hours later with vague nondescript information. I actually told him I was wary to respond to him because of the stunt he pulled last time, that what he had been posting was no laughing matter. Still I essentially got nothing out of him, but noticed after I asked him what was going on he deleted all the posts (he did this last time to). I'm pretty sure I've figured out who's attention he has been trying to get, and if I'm right that would have some severe implications.

I've decided to detach myself from the situation and him, he has been problematic for quite some time. He is one of the people I was referring to in this old post. Luckily I'm in a much better place now then when I started writing this post, I started it this morning but just stopped because all the anxiety that was building. This is good, I haven't had a bad string of depressive days in awhile


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