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Dancing Through The Fire

Its been an interesting couple of days, I'm glad to say my eating is on point. Mental, that's another story. Our microwave died which is how I usually cook my veggies, well I decided to boil them on the stove the other day. As I sat in the kitchen watching the pot waiting for it to get to a boil, a fire suddenly ignited underneath the pot. Suddenly there were flames starting to consume the pot. At first I was so shocked at what had just unfolded, after all I originally planned to go back to my room and let the veggies tend to themselves, but I didn't!

A first wave of panic hit me, as I got up and saw the flame getting bigger. I removed the pot real quick before it would be completely engulfed. Once I had removed it all I could see was the fire engulfing the entire burner, I suddenly imagined the entire house burning down, if nothing else a completely destroyed kitchen. I literally said "oh no" several times as it was totally a bit overwhelming. Finally I snapped…