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Didnt Think Id Last This Long

I often get a lot of great positive feedback on my Instagram, today I read one that was a little different. It was pretty nice, the person praised my "transformation" but they went on to say that they honestly doubted I would last this long, and encouraged me to continue my success and further prove this person wrong. Ive been trying to figure out what I really think of this comment. What does it mean. Sure it seems clear, but this sort of trigger a thought. It made me think of how some people in the family look at my journey, I believe that most people feel the same and are surprised Ive made this far, and even now I don't think they see me reaching where I want to be. Its a weird feeling, where did the doubt come from? I suppose history, still its just odd to know someone was watching my journey and wondering when would be the day I gave up.

Its not a big deal, but now it makes me wonder how many people are watching now and thinking the same thing. This doesn't giv…


Taking in the stairmaster has honestly been a challenge, the first day I did 5 minutes, and the second day I did 3, I just didn't have it in me, yesterday the third day I managed to do 5 minutes again, all parts of my leg were burning it was tough, in fact, two minutes in I considered quitting again, but I truly pushed myself to get to that 5.  That small amount of time was very impactful on the rest of my night there. It had my legs feeling so used up, that I couldn't  do my typical treadmill routine. I had to scale back. One thing I did yesterday that I didn't do the other two days away do the step,aster first, I decided that I just don't have the stamina at the end of everything todo the stairmaster , so I decided to make it my starter. I struggle getting to 5minutes, but the goal is to try to reach 10 soon, I'm going to try to add an extra minute on everyday.

My eating has honestly been a mess, not over eating but eating the wrong things, I've noticed that …


Well I wasn't planning on testing the StairMaster so soon, but yesterday I decided to be bold and adventurous and gave it go at the end of my regular routines. I hopped on one,  set it for 15minutes and figured that was me taking it easy, lol, no. I made it 5 minutes in before deciding to retreat. I was humbled, but that small amount of time up there really showed me just how beneficial it'll be. I'm going to try to do 10minutes tonight.

Omg so here is an awkward story that unfolded today. I had a sucker, one of those quarter shaped ones that comes in a clear square wrapper, well, I put the wrapper in my wallet cause there wasn't a trash can in the previous store I could find. I ended up going into another store to buy my mom some chips and the wrapper quickly fell out as I got out my cash. The cashier lady goes "oh you dropped something" and then I picked it up, and as I was putting it back in my wallet she says "oh, might need that." She thought i…

Springing Into April

Its the 4th month of the year already, time for the official months weigh-in. Last month I weighed in at 344.8. This month I weigh in at 340.4, that's 4.4 lbs down. A mild loss, its a new peak low, but I'm right there at the cliff of the 340's still, at the precipice of 330s. I'm still weighing in every day, but I'm still going to consider the beginning of the month weight my official weight of that month.

Last week did not go as planned, I didn't work out two times a day like I had planned to, I went to the gym everyday but only did my biggest loser workout one day. I decided to change my eating routine. Now I eat brunch at noon, I'll have a snack somewhere during the day and have dinner between 6-8. A hearty breakfast and  dinner. So essentially I'm down to two big meals and a snack. I've been doing this for the past few days with great results. I don't feel the need to eat so much during the day like I have been with this new routine. Also in…