Taking in the stairmaster has honestly been a challenge, the first day I did 5 minutes, and the second day I did 3, I just didn't have it in me, yesterday the third day I managed to do 5 minutes again, all parts of my leg were burning it was tough, in fact, two minutes in I considered quitting again, but I truly pushed myself to get to that 5.  That small amount of time was very impactful on the rest of my night there. It had my legs feeling so used up, that I couldn't  do my typical treadmill routine. I had to scale back. One thing I did yesterday that I didn't do the other two days away do the step,aster first, I decided that I just don't have the stamina at the end of everything todo the stairmaster , so I decided to make it my starter. I struggle getting to 5minutes, but the goal is to try to reach 10 soon, I'm going to try to add an extra minute on everyday.

My eating has honestly been a mess, not over eating but eating the wrong things, I've noticed that my appetite seems bigger than ever and cravings just pop up more frequently. The water intake in the morning helps a lot, my goal is to try to drink 44 ounces before brunch now, and then brunch will certainly hold me over until dinner. I'm looking into getting some protein powder to mix into my water to give me a boost of my necessary daily goal and to help with muscle development, but sheesh that stuff is a little pricey so I'm not sure when this will fall into action. I've been trying to take my multivitamin more lately, it's been hard because I often simply forget it and it must be taken with or after I've eaten something.

My weight the past few days maintained at 340 but the ".xx" numbers changed, but now today I'm up to 341.4 so there is that. I'm not too concerned about it, the 40s are proving to be a hard bracket to break.


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