Well I wasn't planning on testing the StairMaster so soon, but yesterday I decided to be bold and adventurous and gave it go at the end of my regular routines. I hopped on one,  set it for 15minutes and figured that was me taking it easy, lol, no. I made it 5 minutes in before deciding to retreat. I was humbled, but that small amount of time up there really showed me just how beneficial it'll be. I'm going to try to do 10minutes tonight.

Omg so here is an awkward story that unfolded today. I had a sucker, one of those quarter shaped ones that comes in a clear square wrapper, well, I put the wrapper in my wallet cause there wasn't a trash can in the previous store I could find. I ended up going into another store to buy my mom some chips and the wrapper quickly fell out as I got out my cash. The cashier lady goes "oh you dropped something" and then I picked it up, and as I was putting it back in my wallet she says "oh, might need that." She thought it was a condom! I didn't say anything else, I just got my change and got out of there. Like the idea that this lady thought that I might be getting my freak on in spite of my face was slightly flattering, but more than anything it was super awkward!


  1. Bahahaha that was awkward! Just trying to be a good citizen, ma'am!

    Great job with the stair climber! I've only hoped on it once before and I'm pretty sure it was like 3 minutes before I gave up. You rock!


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