Didnt Think Id Last This Long

I often get a lot of great positive feedback on my Instagram, today I read one that was a little different. It was pretty nice, the person praised my "transformation" but they went on to say that they honestly doubted I would last this long, and encouraged me to continue my success and further prove this person wrong. Ive been trying to figure out what I really think of this comment. What does it mean. Sure it seems clear, but this sort of trigger a thought. It made me think of how some people in the family look at my journey, I believe that most people feel the same and are surprised Ive made this far, and even now I don't think they see me reaching where I want to be. Its a weird feeling, where did the doubt come from? I suppose history, still its just odd to know someone was watching my journey and wondering when would be the day I gave up.

Its not a big deal, but now it makes me wonder how many people are watching now and thinking the same thing. This doesn't give me motivation to work harder or prove that I'm going to continue losing, that's not really how I operate, a younger version of me may have been fueled by this, but not me in the present. The comment wasn't bad, or ill intended, its very typical of me to find something like this amongst a compliment and completely dissect it. So what now? I keep going, this likely wont have any negative affects on me its just putting some things into perspective.

Looks like Im starting to just barely get a neck/


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