Springing Into April

Its the 4th month of the year already, time for the official months weigh-in. Last month I weighed in at 344.8. This month I weigh in at 340.4, that's 4.4 lbs down. A mild loss, its a new peak low, but I'm right there at the cliff of the 340's still, at the precipice of 330s. I'm still weighing in every day, but I'm still going to consider the beginning of the month weight my official weight of that month.

Last week did not go as planned, I didn't work out two times a day like I had planned to, I went to the gym everyday but only did my biggest loser workout one day. I decided to change my eating routine. Now I eat brunch at noon, I'll have a snack somewhere during the day and have dinner between 6-8. A hearty breakfast and  dinner. So essentially I'm down to two big meals and a snack. I've been doing this for the past few days with great results. I don't feel the need to eat so much during the day like I have been with this new routine. Also in the morning I drink 25-40z of water. and get my full 74+ throughout the day. This new change of things seems to be working out.

I'm thinking of spicing up my cardio a bit, by trying the StairMaster soon, I eventually want to use the elliptical, but I'm going to hold off on that for a bit. Ive got a good routine going on with strength straining machines so I'm not looking to change that up anytime soon.

 I think I need to blog more, it helps me stays a bit more goal oriented I think, my motivation dipped several times last week, and I think I just need to blog more so definitely there will be more posts this week. Me and my buddy are planning our photo expedition here soon and I'm looking forward to that.

I'm winging this week so I'm not setting an agenda other than to stick to my new eating routine. I'm going to try to add in more fitness, I actually have not been using my Simply Fitboard and I'm going to start getting familiar with that daily. Warmer whether means Ill be taking strolls in the park too, still I'm going to play it by year.

I made this last week and decided it wasn't good enough to be put on Instagram, or even been seen. This isn't a very polarizing difference to me. That picture on the left was right as I started the journey, and the other one is from last week. They do not look much different, which is a little depressing.


  1. I know you don't think there's a difference, but there REALLY REALLY is! In the photo on the right, I think you look almost half the size you were in the photo on the left. You're doing amazingly (I think you're the King of Persistence)! Also, in the picture on the left it looks as though you're wearing a t-shirt, and in the one on the right, it looks like you're wearing layers, including that sweatshirt on top, is that right?

    1. Actually yes, I did have layers, the top was kind of thick too but I'm weary on that playing a part. But thank you very much 😊. Persistence is key for me

  2. They look hella different!!! Keep up the great work, Brandon! Progress is the goal, not perfection :)


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