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So Long

It's the final day of the week. Today I watched my youngest nephew Kieyrn. That was pretty fun. Not much going on. It's looking like I'm going to have to reschedule my nutritionist appointment  (which I'm supposed to go to on Monday)so I don't inconvenience anyone (except of course my nutritionist, sigh) do to the dog sitting. This weekend I'm actually heading to Nick and Melissa's tomorrow, we are going to go to the store and buying whatever I'll need for this coming week food wise so I don't have to eat their junk.

There won't be a Here's What's For Dinner post today as I'm simply not eating dinner. I had a conversation with my mom this morning  that ended with me feeling very insignificant  which lead me having a series of flashbacks of sort of reliving that insignificance through earlier parts of my life (reliving past bad feelings, hope this trend slows down). It got very deep very fast, my plan was to shut down for the day (bu…

Heres Whats For Dinner

Beef (Meatloaf) & Veggies. It's #whatsfordinner #healthychoices #weightlossjourney #accountability #losingweight #brandonwholivesathomeA photo posted by Brandon Hall (@brandonwholivesathome) on Jun 16, 2016 at 4:01pm PDT So what we have here is 4.6oz of ground beef (it's actually chuck there is a difference apparently) with a table spoon of ketchup. 52 grams of steamed broccoli, and 185 grams of mashed potatoes. 460 calories.

Less Than Fond Memories

Recently I unintentionally went through memory lane, and back to my brief time attending university (2011-2012)where my weight, anxiety,  and ADHD made my the experience  miserable. I came across some pictures that easily had me reliving those experiences.

I struggled the most academically with math, it's always been tough for me but being in that environment with tons of people, and comically small desks made it impossible for me. I already suspected I had ADHD, but it was yet to be diagnosed, but on top of the anxiety meant that I wasn't hearing anything going on in the class but my own racing thoughts. I always had, and still have this fear of public humiliation (which is why I try not to draw attention to myself), and I was aware that a guy my size squeezing in those desks could quickly become the punchline to someones joke. I made an effort to get to the class early, usually before the professor was even there so that I would never have to make some humiliating walk acros…

Heres Whats For Dinner


A Low-Spirited Day

It's been an interesting week so far I've been trying to have a better outlook on things. Today hasn't been one of my better days, it hasn't been terrible, but I've been quite anxious and low-spirited. I had therapy earlier which was nice, I didn't have it last week because my psychiatrist appointment lapsed with it (that isn't supposed to happen by the way, but I digress), and I won't have it next week cause she's going on vacation as well, which works out as I'll be dog sitting.

I've just been a little down today, reflecting upon things, but trying not to dwell. I've decided not to attempt to do the 3 mile indoor workout this week after all, I think I would need to go up in calories that day and lately they have been low. Yesterday I didn't punch anything into MyfitnessPal but didn't have the usual lunch I have which is peanut crackers and several ounces of grapes. I skipped the peanut crackers which  gives me the bulk of calo…

Mug Shots

Tuesday already,  I didn't end up reading or scheduling any appointments yesterday but plan on making up for it today. I did however look into exercise videos and honestly I pretty much decided I'll just be sticking to what I'm doing even though it's starting to bore me. I'm just going to keep on doing the Leslie Sansone Videos. Yesterday's two miles seemed to go smoother than usual, I feel like I might finally be entering the mastering phase. I haven't attempted the 3 mile walk since a few weeks ago but I'm going to give it another go one day this week. Also Soon I'll be walking at the park, I'll fill you all in on that soon enough.

I entertained the thought of making videos again, not sure if any you remember when I was posting videos early last year. They stopped completely after my stint in the Behavioral Health Pavilion.  That was of course before I had numbers of my weight, I had no idea what I was losing. Though I can obviously be quite …

The Show Must Go On

It's Monday, time to weigh-in. Last week I weighted 389.9, this week 387.4. I lost 2.6lbs. I'm pretty satisfied with those numbers actually. I do wonder if I could have maybe bumped that up to maybe 3lbs if I had not skipped Friday's in-door miles, but oh well. MyfitnessPal made a big deal about today's weight-in with the below image below.

A few weeks back I watched the Billboard music Awards (which is an award show that essentially awards musicians  for chart success/actual success), at which Celine Dion was honored with Icon Award and she performed a cover of Queen's The Show Must Go On, which I had never heard. It was fantastic, particularly because of the context in which why she was singing it. Her husband and her brother both passed away  last year, within days of each other. Celine had to deal with two tragedies and still be strong for her kids and family. She accepted the award from her oldest son as she fought back tears (she didn't want him to see he…

Evil People, With Powerful Things, Do Massive Things

Yesterday was a mild day, I read my book, it just got really good several plots are starting to slowly intertwine. I starting reading my walking dead comics again too, I also watched a movie last night. This morning I woke up to news and headlines of yet another mass shooting  this time some guy killed 50 people in a nightclub. I normally don't speak about these issues, but that's quite a staggering number, and to be honest I haven't been desensitized to mass-shootings yet, as common as they are occurring. What bothers me about these situations is a single person can take a single device and use it repeatable to take dozens upon dozens of lives. They can just walk into a church, a school, a movie theater, a shopping mall, or a club (all of which have happened seperate to this incident)  and decide for any reason or no reason at all  that today's the day that quite a few unknowing people will lose their lives. That's all for that, I'll likely never bring this u…